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Happy Homemaker Monday

I've been gone for a while, while the kids were home all summer and life has been going crazy. For the first time ever, all four of my babies are in school all day everyday. It's the most strange feeling!

The weather:::
Today is so humid. When I did the school run this morning it was only 75 degrees but sooooo humid I had sweat pouring off of me just from the walk from the car to the building and back. 

Monday - Partly Sunny, 94
Tuesday - Morning Thunderstorms, 96
Wednesday - Showers and Heavy Thunderstorms, 88
Thursday - Thunderstoms in Spots, 80
Friday - Thunderstorms in Spots, 83
Saturday - Possible Thunderstorms, 86
Sunday - Possible Thunderstorms, 89

On the breakfast plate this morning:::
This morning I had some left over grilled potatoes from this weekend. I fried them up on the stove. I also ate a few grapes and drank a sugar free redbull and orange juice.     

Right now I am:::
Sitting at my kitchen counter with my laptop and my day planner, trying to organize our new schedules.


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Happy Homemaker Monday