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Happy Birthday Scotland!

Ok, so it wouldn't be me, if this weren't late....

Three years ago, I gave birth to sweet little Scottie.

Since little Scottie has turned 3, I'm going to post a bunch of fun stuff about her, and then pictures from her 3 years of life, including tons from the last year.

Her full name is Scotland Paige Tiemann.We named her Scotland after my dad, who was Scott. Paige was just a name we liked that was feminine and more "normal" incase she grew up hating her first name.We kept her name secret from everyone but close family until she was born because we didn't want anyone to tell us they didn't like it or try to get us to change it.Her birthday is April 16, 2014.She is the 4th child out of 4.She looks up to her big sisters and does everything they do.She is so funny! She makes me laugh everyday.She doesn't typically like new people, or even not new people that she doesn't see very often.She loves playing with her Paw Patrol toys and generally drags them …

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