Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

I know it's getting late, but we've had a some what busy day, being lazy.

Breakfast time....what is on the plate this morning::::
We went out for brunch today, to The Roost, the kids enjoyed pancakes and french toast, Shawn had chorizo and eggs, I had an egg sandwich, and Shawn and I shared grits and enjoyed delicious coffees.  Great breakfast.

On today's to do list::::
Meal planning
Grocery shopping
Clean the car

Currently reading::::
Game of Thrones by George R R Martin

On the TV today::::

The weather outside is::::
The weather is insanely awesome!  Today was about 82 degrees.

On the menu this week::::

D:  Something light

D: Dinner in KC

D:  Overnight Blueberry French Toast and bacon

D:  Mustard Herb pork chops

D:  Cowboy casserole

D: Grilled steak and veggies


If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::
Relax in front of the TV

New recipe I tried, or want to try this week::::
I tried a delicious dessert this last week called Lemon Puddle Pudding.  I'll be posting the recipe in the next day or two hopefully.  

In the garden::::
My mint is growing crazy, but I need to do some weeding. 

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Looking Around the House::::
My house looks like a tornado has blown through, but I'm hoping to get it cleaned up tonight or tomorrow. 

Visiting with Blog friends (blog you want to share, blog post that caught your eye)::::
I haven't been able to do much reading.

Praying for::::
For health and happiness for all of my friends and family.

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating with me at the moment:::: 

Irish Fest

Ok, we are a family that likes to get out in our city and cities close to us, and do what activities there are when we get the chance.  My husband is Irish and German, and I'm Scottish and Danish.  When I heard on the radio that Irish Fest was coming, I decided it was something we should really do.  As I hope to do with the Highland games next Junish and Oktoberfest.  The kids need to experience some of their heritage.  Shawn's sister Kelly, her boyfriend Adam, and Shawn's parents, Andy and Julie went with us.

Who doesn't love a good festival?  I sure do!  Fun little shops, yummy food, and lots of music.  That's definitely what we got at Irish Fest.  Words out, they had a place for the kids, with rides and face painting, but we never even made it over there.  Also, we love a little good people watching for fun, and festivals bring out all kinds...

Our day started way to early...  Yes, the kids are asleep on my bedroom floor in this picture.  Truth is, when Shawn's out of town, this is where they sleep.  Shawn was out of town Wednesday night and didn't get back until after the kids had gone to bed on Thursday.  Friday we were out until late, so we didn't move all of their stuff back to their beds.  We just put them in their spots on the floor.  Did I mention how difficult it is to carry such big kids up the stairs and get them ready for bed in their sleep?

Soccer season for the kiddos has officially started.  from 8:45-11:00 every Saturday morning, this is where we will be for the next few weeks.

We came home from soccer and fed the kids a great lunch of sandwiches, mixed fruit, carrot sticks, and smart pop popcorn.  Yummy and healthy, double bonus.

After some resting, and a little house work, off we went for Irish Fest.

As soon as we got there we decided we were hungry and wanted to scope out the food situation.  Of course there was traditional carny food and giant turkey legs but there was also fish and chips, bangers and mash, cabbage and potatoes, etc. The kids ate burgers, since they aren't adventurous.  I got bangers and mash and Shawn got haggis and mash.

I've had haggis before at a highland festival years ago, and loved it, but Shawn never had so he ordered it and enjoyed it.  Sounds gross, but really is delicious.  We sat on the curb, ate our delicious food, and watched all of the people around us.

We were in the presence of the almighty green ranger.

Most of the alcohol there was Irish alcohol... you know Guinness, Jameson, Bailey's...

I enjoyed a few glasses of Bailey's, which left Shawn and I quoting Old Gregg for the rest of the evening.

If you've never heard of Old Gregg, you should look it up.  It's a skit from The Mighty Boosh.  I'll take the work out of it for you.  Here's a video of Old Gregg:

I must say my Bailey's was delicious, and "creamy."

It was so hot out there, we were all sweating like crazy.  That didn't stop us from having a good time though.

I don't know what Back to the Future has to do with Irish Fest, but it was pretty cool!

Just a fun little Kansas City information tidbit, Kansas City is known for it's fountains. It's actually called The City of Fountains Kansas City.  It has over 250 fountains and is rumored to have more fountains that Rome.  I actually am hoping to do a tour of the fountains in Kansas City soon to document some of them.  Fountains are one of my favorite things, I don't know why.

Did you know that fountains were originally put places to provide water for horses, birds, and dogs?

Back to where I was going with this.  Irish Fest was at Crown Center and there are several fountains in the square where the festival was held.  Some of them were dyed green, as there are on St. Patrick's Day.

Being home of the Kansas City Chiefs who have die hard fans, they dye some fountains around town red for Red Friday for the season opener.  Pretty neat if you ask me.

We did some shopping.  Shawn and I both got rings, I got a keychain with my maiden name Kerr on it, Shawn got a Dropkick Murphys t-shirt, and we got some CDs.

After shopping, we listened to some music, got ice cream, and danced.

We really enjoyed this band!  Their name was Flannigan's Right Hook.

I love the building behind the stage.  The Marriott is all lit up and the building my sister and I as kids called the Spooky Doghouse is all lit up on top.  I love it!

Before leaving we of course grabbed some kettle corn and walked the long walk back to the car.  So much fun!

What a hot, yet perfect day we had!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Show and Tell Friday

This is my first time participating in Show and Tell Friday.  I'm really excited about it too.  Why don't you pop on over to Sandra's blog, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, and see where this cool meme started.

I'm excited to show you my jewelry box.  All of my great grandparents died either before I was born or when I was quite young.  I only have a few very vague memories of my Great Grandma Holt, but when she died, I was given this music playing jewelry box.

I always kept it hidden in the top of my closet like some treasure that was all mine.  I'd never had anything this nice before and it meant so much that it was given to me!  The screws holding the lid on are stripped out in some places, and it's obviously got some wear and tear.  Maybe some day I'll get it fixed.

The inside is so soft and when you open it, it plays a beautiful little song.  It reminds me of the music box, at my Grandpa's house, that I used to sit on the couch with.  I'd twist and twist so it would play while I opened it up and watched the little arm scrape over the little raised dots, creating the sounds that made the beautiful song.

So many different childhood memories are wrapped up in this beautiful little box.  This beautiful box that remains unused to protect it, now from my little ones.  Maybe someday I'll get to pass it on to one of them.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rough Days

A friend of mine posted online a link to Scary Mommy.  It's about mommy shaming and why we do it.  My good friend Torren and I discussed some of this one evening, and agreed with one of the reasons listed.  We post only the good things on social media.  The good things our kids do, vacation, outings, children awards and first days.  We don't post the bad times, the times we break down, the times our kids are being rotten, well, being typical kids.  We basically lie to the world and only see lies.  In an effort to fix it, here goes my truth.

Right now, I'm going through some rough patches with my little ones.  Particularly Sydney and Rylie.  It's attitude central from two extremely stubborn girls.  They both make up their minds that they are going to do what they want to, and nobody is going to stop them.  When you stop them, it's a nightmare.

Yesterday, Rylie decided at Ben's school that she was going to sit in Ben's seat.  Sometimes, for the short couple of blocks, I let Ben ride in the front seat.  He sits up there on the way to school to make drop offs easier so I let him sit there on the way home yesterday as well.  Ben's a big boy, like really big.  We're talking 85ish pounds and tall, like to my chest tall.  Rylie is very small, too small for a booster seat like what Ben usually rides in and has a great big convertible car seat with a 5-point harness.  We sat in the hot car for 15 minutes while I waited for her to make up her mind to move into her seat.  Yea, it never happened and I eventually crawled in the back of the van, retrieved her, and buckled her into HER carseat.

This here was over me telling her to use her iPad and not Ben's so he could have an iPad when he got home from school.  I put her in time out because she tried to bite me when I took Ben's iPad and gave her her own.

Sydney is no better.  Yesterday, my mother-in-law called me and the second the phone rings is fair game to the kids to fight, scream at me, or get into trouble.  Sydney came to me and asked for me to buy her a game on her iPad.  When I told her no, she stormed off, slamming her iPad into the wall, and slamming the bedroom door behind her.  She lost her iPad due to punishment but it's constant things like this that have me down.  Last night I lost it, crying over Rylie taking the water bottle from my nightstand. I came downstairs, crying my eyes out, and praying for the strength to get through this.

Today, I woke up better but it's still a struggle with my girls.  I don't have enough hands or time to do what they want me to do and the rest of the time they are mad at me.  I'm not out to be their best friends but how do I get them to respect me?  I do punish them but sometimes I feel that it does no good.  I guess it's a learning game here.  They are learning, I am learning, and it doesn't hurt to consult my good ole friend Super Nanny Jo Frost...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Another Wednesday

Some days, I wake up beyond exhausted and feeling like I could sleep the day away.  Today is one of those days.  I don't though.  I just persevere, and, with lots of help from caffeine.  Yes, lots and lots of caffeine!

I do have a slight Starbucks addiction.  They have delicious beverages and food, and their cd collection is spot on!  There is no beverage more refreshing on a hot day than an iced peach green tea lemonade.

This morning, at the Starbucks drive thru, the woman in the car in front of me, paid for my drinks, so I paid for the car behind me.  I love when people are good to other people.  I was trying to explain what happened to Sydney, but she was so confused as to why I still got my drinks, even if the people in front of me paid for them, and maybe because I paid for the people behind me, I got their drinks.  I tried telling her that by me paying for the car behind me, maybe they paid for the car behind them, and maybe they paid for the car behind them, and so on and so on.  Maybe there was someone in that line, that was scrounging for change to pay for their coffee (Hey, I've been there) and today, they didn't have to worry about it today because someone nice paid for it for them.

So yesterday, after picking up Ben, we mailed out and hand delivered some invitations to his birthday party and they came home so I could get to working on dinner.  I wanted to eat before my meeting so we could get the kids to bed nice and early.  I'm about to show you something that I'm betting not a lot of people would show you.  This is the horrible disaster that my kitchen becomes when I cook.

Cookbooks open to many pages, held open by other cookbooks, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and lots of food on all of the counter tops and the stove.  Music blaring loudly and a baby in her seat on the table.  Yup, complete insanity!  Also you should know, the only way to cook or clean is with the music loud, singing and dancing as you go along.

While looking for a lemon bar recipe in a dessert cookbook, I stumbled across a delicious looking recipe for Lemon Puddle Pudding.  I decided, what the heck, lets give it a try.  It was easy and delicious, and I regret nothing!  I'll post the recipe shortly.  Believe me, you have to try it.  Shawn said he thought it would be even better on a 30 degree day following a nice big bowl of chili.

So last night was my first PTO meeting at Ben's school.  I got so excited I was there early, then I signed up for two committees.  My mom was always super involved in the PTA at my school when I was growing up, so she was the first person I texted when we left.  I definitely jumped in with both feet this year, and I couldn't be more excited!

Shawn left this morning on a plane for St. Louis, Missouri (his meeting is actually in Ferguson, which has me a little nervous, although I'm sure he'll be fine) and then later today he's off to Buffalo, New York.  He'll be back late tomorrow night.  In the mean time, I'm holding down the fort.  Soccer practice for Ben tonight, frozen pizzas for dinner, picking Ben up from school early (It's Wacky Wednesday, and every Wednesday is a short day), and dishes and laundry this afternoon.  Also, when Ben gets home, we are hoping to finally watch the new Doctor Who.  I've been dying to watch it, but Ben has had me waiting for him.  See, the kids, specifically Ben and Sydney are just as obsessed as I am.

Alright, I need to get moving.  Scottie is napping and Rylie and Sydney are hungry for some lunch. Time to make some jelly sandwiches... Yes, just jelly and bread.  My girls are goofy but it's what they love.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  I'm hoping for a little time to crochet or read today, in between all of the craziness.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I'm starting to get in the swing of things already.

I did forget to mention, in all the busy-ness we've been going through, that I took Maya to the vet last week.  She's had some problems with her back legs.  I should also mention that she's a big black lab, so arthritis is pretty common.  I guess I just didn't know what causes the arthritis.

I guess a long time ago, back as a much younger dog, she tore her ACL in both knees.  I asked how that even happens, and she told me it's common from running or jumping and especially common in labs because they do more jumping that a lot of dog breeds. After those injuries, she got arthritis in the knees.  Because we didn't know at the time, we weren't able to get the problem fixed before arthritis and any surgeries now won't stop or fix the arthritis.  Sometime in the last week or so, she tore what was left of the ACL on her left hind leg and wasn't putting any weight on it.  The vet put her on pain meds and an anti inflammatory as well as an allergy med for what they think is either chiggers or fleas.  They thought fleas originally because of the location of the bites and missing hair, but because we haven't noticed fleas in our home, and they couldn't find any actual bugs on the dog, they said they very well could be chiggers especially since the only times she goes outside now is to go out to potty and come right back in.  She breaks my heart. She goes back in two weeks to get X-rays and for us to figure out her new plan of action that will be filled with glucosamine chondroitin and anti inflammatories for the rest of her sweet, hopefully long, puppy life.  She's been doing really well since starting her meds though.

I've been busting my hiney on these invitations for Ben's birthday.  I really do like how they are looking though.  I set a deadline to get them mailed out yesterday, but it didn't happen.  I think I have most of them done though, so hopefully they'll go out today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, I mended my husband's shorts and Sydney's doll, but today I get to mend their giant teddy bear who has a popped seam on the back of his neck leaving a gaping hole for his stuffing to fall out of.

I feel like I spend so much of my time in the car lately.  I'm driving kids to school, soccer, and dance, going to the store, driving to Kansas City for family, or just whatever extra event we are going to.  I just feel like it never ends.

I bought some new car jams to help out with some of the boring car trips and repetitive radio.  Thanks to Starbucks and their highly addictive cd collection I am now equipped with a little of everything, from Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, and Smokey Robinson to British folk, Hawaiian, and Reggae.

Ben is always asking for Taco Tuesday, so tonight, we're doing plain old boring tacos and chicken tacos.  I like to cook the chicken in the crockpot in salsa or rotel all day long.  It makes it shred really easily and is very delicious, so that's what's happening in our kitchen right now and has been since I got home from Ben's school this morning.

I just can't wait for dinner.  I have my first PTO meeting at Ben's school this evening.  I'm excited!  I've said from day one that I wanted to be as involved as possible in everything my children do.  With having the little kids around, volunteering at the school during school hours doesn't happen a lot and with all of their extra curricular activities, it's difficult sometimes to attend everything, but I'm doing the best I can.

I'm so excited!  Last week, I bought these two cookbooks, but haven't had much opportunity to look through them.  I'm hoping to find a little time, today or tomorrow to look through them so I can try some new recipes.

Scotland is getting so big so fast too.  She manipulates things with her hands so well and she rolls from front to back and back to front.  She has the most adorable laugh, and is now exploring her exersaucer. She's also trying really hard to sit up on her own.  Little baby sit ups are adorable!

We are dealing with some respect, listening, and discipline issues at home with the three older kids, but we are working on fixing them.  Lots of tantrums and groundings are happening here.  Some days I find myself completely frazzled over it, but others aren't so bad.  I'm hoping we turn the corner soon.

Alright, it's getting close to time to pick up Ben from school, the UPS man just dropped off a delivery at my front door (hello Amazon addiction) and I need to feed Scotland before we go to Ben's school. Shawn leaves for St. Louis and Buffalo, NY tomorrow morning extremely early, so I may be back sooner rather than later.