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Happy Homemaker Monday

Good afternoon! I'm getting a late start here, as it's been a crazy day. Scottie had a dentist appointment, Sydney had a doctor's appointment, Dakota had a grooming appointment and Shawn and I have spent the rest of the morning getting jobs done around the house, him working at his desk, and calling doctors.

The weather:::
It's that time of year where the weather gets severe and stormy and the threat of tornados goes up.

Monday - Evening Storms, 78º
Tuesday - Thunderstorms, 70º
Wednesday - Thunderstorms, 71º
Thursday - Cloudy, 55º
Friday - Partly Cloudy, 63º
Saturday - Showers, 68º
Sunday - Showers, 70º

On my reading pile:::
Miracle Creek by Angie Kim, The January Children by Safia Elhillo, The Bassoon King: My Life in Art, Faith and Idiocy by Rainn Wilson, and Quintessence: The Poetry of True Nature

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
I'm pretty sure another weekend went by where all I watched was the new episode of Game Of Thrones
On my TV this week:::
Vlogs Superstore Gre…

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