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Exhausted On This Super Long Week

This week is dragging on, ever so slowly! I can't believe it's only Wednesday night. I kid you not, yesterday, when I picked up Scottie from preschool, I thought it was Thursday and about told one of her teachers to have a nice weekend.

Not only is the week dragging, but I've been so completely exhausted since Monday morning.  I just cannot get enough sleep. I've been going to bed earlier than normal, and Scottie has slept in her bed, all night, for the past two nights.  Usually she comes into our bed, waking me up, any time between 2 and 4.

Why am I so tired?!?!

So far this week, I haven't touched my crochet or my iMovie and I've barely touched my book or my camera.  I have, however, gotten all of Rylie's birthday present shopping done, started shopping for decorations, got invites filled out and mailed out, and kept the house relatively clean.

I think Shawn and I are planning on going to brunch tomorrow morning after we drop Scottie off at school.  I love…

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