Jeeze Louise!

Is it just me, or is time flying by so incredibly fast?  I keep thinking life is going to slow down, but it doesn't.  I know, that's probably very naive of me.  I'm beginning to believe life is always going to be like this, or even more busy as the children get older.  This weekend though, we found the time to work on the house.  These were things that I'd been wanting done since we moved in here in April.  I must say that my husband is a rock star!  When he gets started, he really knocks it out.  We've been working on turning our garage into a garage.  Right now it's filled with boxes.  The kids bedroom is not habitable, and the office has been packed with junk.  We've done a lot of work on the office, since Shawn got me a new desk last week.  I'm going to use it as a desk/sewing table.  I'm thrilled about it, and even more so about the fact that it's gotten our rears in gear with cleaning.

This was before the L piece was added.

When we moved, we had so much trash.  We went through everything we'd been keeping boxed in the garage there.  At least we attempted to go through it all but there was so much and we were trying to go quickly.  Needless to say that after about two hours, we had 2 trash barrels full and a huge pile of things at the street.  Shawn made a trip to the donation box, and we still have so much left to go through.  I'm so excited at the thought of getting it done and making the entire house livable.

Saturday, we went to the park and spent an hour or so running and playing on the empty playground with Ben.  I'm sure he had a good time.  When there aren't other kids there for Ben to play with I try to make sure that I'm able to play on the toys with him so we can always have fun at the park.  That does leave poor Sydney in the stroller all by herself but I always have her in my sight and no more than a few feet away at any time.  Saturday, we wore Ben out at the park and in return, he wore us out.  We got back to the house and Shawn's parents were here.  We ended up going downtown and walking around, shopping, and then eating.  That evening Torren came over and we watched Robin Hood.  It was such a busy day but a blast none the less.

I'm really behind on my postings.  I have 5 different crafts to post, and this little update has taken me 3 days to create.  I keep sitting down and then thinking I don't really have the words to tell you everything.  Maybe it's because we have so much going on that I can't seem to collect my thoughts on everything or my mind gets jumbled.  I originally started this blog to let my friends and family know what my family and I have been up to and all of our exciting news.  I also wanted to share my recipes and the crafts we do with other people who might be interested.  I'm finding that my time is extremely limited, but please know that while it may take a while for me to update sometimes, I will get it updated with everything.  I really enjoy this and feel good about the people I've inspired.


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