Exhausted But Here

I'm here I'm here I'm here!  I didn't forget you I promise!  Honestly, life has been even more crazy than usual lately.  It's summer which means that our usual routine has flown out the window.  Our kids at school so I can get stuff done isn't happening, so I spend my days cleaning up messes that my cute little monsters continue to make, washing lots and lots of laundry, doing lots of fun activities, and sleeping very little.

In the last few weeks, we've finished dance, started baseball and soccer, done lots of swimming, and gone on a little holiday/vacation while Shawn worked out of town in Omaha, Nebraska.  I haven't even uploaded my pictures to Facebook yet from this crazy past couple weeks.  Maybe I'll do that and work on a real blogpost tomorrow. In the meantime, if you're interested, I've also decided that maybe vlogging would be fun.  It's quite intimidating, but I like the thought of these videos of our fun stuff being around for family videos.  Also, the kids are quite obsessed and we'll probably use my channel for some of their stuff also, until they get their own.  They want so bad to do their own channels, Ben with gaming and Sydney and Rylie with daily doings, toy reviews, and blind boxes/bags. Don't worry, I still take so many pictures, and plan on continuing my blog.  I love my blog, and it's been through a lot with me.  Good ole Attempting To Be a Super Mom has been with me for a long time and isn't going anywhere.

If you are interested though, you can find me here as well.  It's very weird talking to a camera, and I say "so" and "uh" a lot without even realizing it, but surely it will get better with time, right?

Alright, I'm off to bed, as it is super late.  I will sort the pictures from the last couple of weeks out and do a post or two tomorrow.



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