Tummy Full of Nerves

Good morning. It's been awhile, and I do promise that I have some posts planned and I truly plan on getting my vlog caught up as well.  I've been overwhelmed and can't seem to find my external hard drive anywhere.  I'm a constant mess and should be the poster child for what happens when you're unorganized.

So, this morning, we came downstairs and the kids started going nuts over a butterfly in the window. Since it was still pretty early in the morning, I assumed it was actually a moth and went about making their breakfast. Rylie kept insisting that I come look, so finally I did and was in for a beautiful surprise.

Shawn took the big kids to school since he is WatchDOG for the day.  I think it's cool they have the dads sign up to help at the school. I fed them breakfast and packed their backpacks and off they went, walking to school with their dad.

I took the dogs out for a quick walk so they could go potty without getting too muddy.  Yup, you read that right. Dogs.

We added a new dog to our family.  Realistically, Maya is getting old.  She's a 10 year old, 92 pound lab, with arthritis and bad hips.  She's not ill or anything but if we're being honest,  she may have a few years or she may go tomorrow, we really don't know.  Since Shawn travels so much for work, we like having a big dog for protection and would rather have another dog, who's time overlaps with the one we already have (we joke and say for Maya to train) than to have a period of time with no dog.

Here she is!

Her name is Duchess.  She came pre-named and knows her name pretty well.  She's a 3 year old Basenji mix. We think she's mixed with either Husky or a heeler of some sort as she's twice the size of a Basenji and has 1 1/2 blue or white eyes. and half of a brown eye. She's so good with the kids and doesn't really seem bothered by them climbing on her, yelling, crying, etc. She does however like to run off.  She's run off twice now.  The first time she broke a board out of the gate in the backyard. To be fair, it was loose to start with. And Tuesday Rylie accidentally let her out and she took off where we chased her all over our neighborhood and the next neighborhood over, for 45 minutes, until she finally ran to some boys getting into their car at the end of our street.  Yup, this one must be on a leash.

Anyway, back to my day. I took the dogs out for a walk. Scottie and Rylie enjoy walking and running them up and down the street as well.

After we came inside it was time to get everyone ready to take Rylie to school. This comes with it's fair share of tantrums.  Scottie did not want a diaper change this morning and threw all of her diapers on the floor in a fit of rage. Screaming, yelling, and crying, she tried to bite her sister and hit me.

She's a very opinionated girl, which often leads to us butting heads, although I know I'll love this quality about her when she's much older.

Now, Rylie is at school.  I'll need to leave to pick her up in just over an hour. Scottie is watching a video on youtube on Shawn's iPad and the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and reloaded.  I also have some laundry to put away.

Thankfully she's in a much better mood now than she was earlier. Maybe I'll get my todo list done...

I do have some news that I don't want to jinx but I'm so excited and feel I should share. We are buying a house.  The inspection is today, and I'm so nervous I'm making myself sick.  I do that... get sick to my stomach when I'm nervous, upset, or injured. I explain it, it just happens.  Anyway, it's a beautiful house that literally needs no work, except maybe painting the kids rooms. It's 99% or what we asked for in a house and that 1% it's not will work in the future. We're not scheduled to close until June 20th, which seems like forever away, but so much has to happen between now and then. I have so much to pack, to sort, throw away, donate, etc. and then there is the paperwork. Whew it's so much already!

I can't wait to show you all the house but it will have to wait. Just know that it's beautiful. It has the kitchen I've been wanting, the nice bathtub I've been wanting, two living rooms with fireplaces, and very spacious bedrooms, not to mention the large yard with a nice under the deck seating area that will stay dry in the rain.

Ok, I've gotten that secret off of my chest.  Now, to do these dishes and go pick up the Ry Monster.


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