I've Got Your Number - Book Review

The tenth book I read for my 24 books in 2017 was I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella.

I've Got Your Number: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella
Paperback: 448 pages  Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback; Reprint Addition (April 23, 2013)

Poppy is about to marry her dream man, but in a crazy incident at her bachelorette luncheon, there is a fire drill which not only causes her to lose her engagement ring (an old family heirloom) and get her phone stolen. In what can only be described as destiny, she finds a phone in a trashcan at the hotel lobby.  She takes the phone and starts giving out the number so the staff can get ahold of her if they find the ring. The phone actually belongs to a business man who is trying to get the phone back, and in a compromise she forwards him all of his messages (and eventually starts responding to some on her own) until she can get her ring found and her own phone.

Meanwhile, she has to hide that she lost the ring from her fiancé and his family. She also has to try and impress his incredibly intelligent family, who she finds are not thrilled with the two of them getting married.

This book was hysterical! I cringed so many times and I found myself laughing loudly. Definitely worth the read. It also was able to surprise me with the crazy things that continued to happen. There were times when I honestly had no idea what would come next.


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