Back from vacation

Sorry for the gap in postings, my family and I have been on vacation. We went to Table Rock Lake with my in-laws. We really had a blast.

We swam, road in the boat, ate good food, watched the fireworks display, and enjoyed good company. Shawn's cousin Zach has twin girls, that I believe are three, and they were there. Ben doesn't really get much time with other children his age, which is something I often feel guilty about, but he played really well with them. Those girls were so funny. Ben was driving them around in a golf cart (not really driving but pretend) and one of them told him "It's ok Ben, use your imagination." One had me taking pictures of her constantly while the other one was telling me all kinds of wild things such as "If you eat diet and drink diet then you'll poop diet." This was said while she was drinking a diet caffeine free coke.

Today, Ben and I went grocery shopping. He likes to hold the keys, so I let him hold them in the grocery store. Several times throughout the trip he dropped them either in the cart or on the floor. I took them away but gave them back in the check out line. After all the groceries were paid for, bagged and put back in the cart, I realized Ben no longer had the keys. The guy that bagged the groceries for us and the cashier were helping us look for them when Ben showed us he had been sitting on them the whole time. I had a mini heart attack in the grocery store.

We've done the grocery shopping, watched Marley & Me twice today and read Scrambled Eggs Super by Dr. Seuss. Ben's decided he doesn't want to nap. We'll be leaving to pick up Shawn from work and to head to Kansas City to his Granny and Grandpa's house in about and hour and a half. I think I'm going to upload some pictures, work on some laundry and maybe find a small and relatively mess free craft to do to kill time before we go.


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