Well, it happened again...

I seem to have abandoned my blog again. I have a habit of doing that. I don't mean to. It just happens. I've really abandoned the internet altogether outside of work. I guess the important thing is that I'm here, updating now. There is some big things happening right now for our family. I just can't talk about them yet. I don't want to jinx anything.

I've been working odd times during the day for me this past week and a half, and now we are getting into the August rush at work which means overtime. I'm lucky and only have to do it on Saturday afternoons but that means my whole Saturday is shot. I really cannot wait until the day I can become a stay at home mom. I really do like my job it's just getting too stressful for me.

Ben is really starting to use his words. Today he was telling me "sure" every time I asked him a question. He's become very acquainted with his time out corner now. If you ask him, "Do you want to go to your corner?" he'll tell you no but go there anyway when all you were really doing was warning him that if he doesn't stop he'll be there soon. He's quite a comedian now.

Alright, I have to change this poopy diaper before Shawn's sister and her boyfriend get here. Shawn fed him fiber one yogurt and Ben has pooped like 3 times the normal amount. Dang Shawn to feed him that and leave. Haha oh well. Goodnight.


Adry Viola said…
Just came across your blog. Don't feel bad about getting too busy for blogging. This is like a fulltime job sometimes but very theraputic. Visit my blog http://maxedmom.blogspot.com so you can read some of my funny moments and mama drama.

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