Feels like fall

Today, the weather was wonderful and we took advantage of the beautiful day! It's hard to believe that it's still August as today was a little bit cool. We opened up the windows today and let the house air out. Shawn fed my cravings for yummy ravioli by picking up Paisano's artichoke and spinach ravioli. It's expensive but well worth it as it definitely exceeded my expectations. I have some left for lunch tomorrow too. He picked up a less expensive Bambinos for himself and Ben.

After our early dinner/late lunch, we went on a walk to the little park out here in our neighborhood. It's really just a big open field where Ben and Maya can just run and play. We took bubbles with us, which turned out to be lots of fun as Ben and Maya both tried to catch/eat them. Shawn also threw his empty pop bottle for Maya to fetch (we forgot a ball) until he found a good stick later. We really had so much fun and wore them both out. We came back, gave Ben a bath and watched Trueblood. It looks like we might even get to bed at a reasonable time, which I'm super excited about.

Here's some pictures from our walk and play in the park:


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