Snow, snow, go away...

Ok, before I may have said that I like the snow, especially if I don't have to be in it.  Well, I'm over it.  While I still enjoy the snow, I hate that every time I leave the house, I end up with snow in my shoes and the legs of my pants soaked.  I hate that our front side walk is an icy death trap because of the roof issues.  Worst of all, the kids are driving me nuts!  I'm ready for warmer, sunny days, and lots of playing at the park.  At least Ben has been enjoying the snow.

I've also neglected to mention that our Homer Simpson Chia Pet now has hair and has for a few days now.  Once those seeds sprouted, they just took off.

Ben has never seen an episode of The Simpson's but last night we were at Cici's pizza and it was on one of the big screens.  Ben out of nowhere starts yelling about "my chia pet" and pointing at the TV.  It was too cute  to see the recognition on his face.


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