Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather in my neck of the woods:
Hot and humid with some pretty scary storms at night.

Things that make me happy: 
Spending time with my family.

Book I'm reading: 
Uncharted TerriTori by Tori Spelling.
What's on my TV today: 
Secret Life of a Teenager, Real Housewives of OC, and a little Downton Abbey with my husband before bed, I'm sure.  
Right now, It's Complicated.  It's my absolute, all time favorite movie!

On the menu for dinner:
Tortellini Salad

On my To Do List:

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
I'm dying to try a Jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwich.  May make some for dinner at some point this week.

In the craft basket:
Nothing at the moment, but hoping to start something soon.

Looking forward to this week:
Hopefully getting rid of the massive amounts of mosquitoes we have in the back yard so we can spend some time playing out there.  If anyone has any tricks for this, please help!

Tips and Tricks: 
Sadly, I have nothing today.

My favorite blog post this week: 
Nerd Nest - Jake On Parenting
I know I like to their blog some what often, but to see a dad feel this way about his children makes my heart melt.  Seriously, they are such an adorable family.

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):

Lesson learned the past few days: 
Some people can be small minded and lack respect for other people's opinions and feelings.  Don't waste your time on these people, even when they make you really angry, because they will never change.  You can only change the way you react to them, and it takes to much energy to be angry.
On my mind:
Enjoying the summer, and spending time with my family.


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