What's going on?

So, I know I say this often, but wow have we been busy!  Add to that, I don't have great access to a computer, and now I have a new addiction, I haven't had much time to be on here.

I've been busy doing the normal day to day things with a 3 year old, a 14 month old, and housework.  I'm sure anyone with children can agree that the kids take up a lot of their time.  I'm alright with that though, because I love spending time with my kids.  Before when I had my laptop, I could blog from the couch or kitchen table while the children played together in the living room and now that I have to use the desk top in the office, I have to hope the kids nap or wait until Shawn comes home and we have nothing going on, to get on the computer and blog.  I'm ok with that too, because I'm doing things I enjoy (not that I don't enjoy blogging, because I do.  I love it actually) like spending time with my family.

I, along with many others have become truly obsessed with the Casey Anthony Trial.  I've watched what has been going on for years now, but the big trial is on TV, all day everyday and I can't stop watching.  If I'm not home or able to watch it, it's recording on my DVR and I watch it later in the day and the whole time I'm not in front of the TV, I'm following the Facebook updates on my phone.  When I am watching it, I'm still following the Facebook updates on my phone and even sometimes commenting along.  Nobody else in this house, or anyone I talk to in the real world (not my virtual world like blogs and Facebook) are following so they don't quite understand.  I can't help but think, what will I do when it's all over???

And finally, my husband took a few days off of work, around this last weekend and gave us a wonderful 6 day Stay-cation. We crammed a lot of family time and fun activities into those 6 days.
We went for a walk on the levee at the Kansas River.

We visited my Dad and Grandma in the cemetery in Topeka.

We went to a cook out with both sides of the family in attendance.

Ben flying a kite for the first time.
All the kids playing with chalk.

Terry, a family friend, looks like he was ready to shoot me with the water gun.

Julie, my mother in-law, helping Ben shoot Terry.

Ben and my nephew, CJ.

My sister, Courtney, and my niece, Abby.

My in-laws, Andy and Julie.

My mom and step dad Rob.

My handsome husband!

We spent lots of time at Shawn's parent's house (Granny and Pa's house) working on the pool, playing, and just hanging out.

They were playing Angry Birds.  Andy on the ipad, and Ben on Shawn's iphone.

We went get Shawn's car title in Topeka and while we were there we took the kids on a walk outside of the Kansas Capital Building and the Topeka zoo.

And to finish off the wonderful 6 day stay-cation, I made homemade chocolate chip cookies.


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