All the nice weather...

All of this wonderful weather has caused us to try to fit in as much as we possibly can before it inevitably gets cold.

I will apologize ahead of time.  I have a tendency to get photo happy and in this post, I really did.

As I mentioned before, we were going to try to go to the zoo a few weeks ago, but it didn't really work out due to cold and rainy weather so we put it off for a week.  That next Friday, Shawn's mom wasn't able to go because she had a mandatory work meeting, which sucks, but happens sometimes.  Finally we were able to go the next Friday (two weeks ago).

It was so much fun to do this together and even Shawn's dad was able to get away from work to go with us!

I couldn't believe Ben wanted to ride on the sky tram!  Shawn took him and Ben wasn't even scared until Shawn got out his phone.  Then, Ben was worried about the phone getting dropped.  What a brave boy I have.

Shawn's parents did it too.

Last weekend was packed with fun stuff.  Saturday we went to Shawn's work picnic.  The kids got to play on the toys at the park and we all got to socialize.  I like the people Shawn works with.  They are so nice.

After the picnic, we met Shawn's parents at the Renaissance Festival.  Ben wanted a sword really bad, so Shawn surprised him with a big foam one.  It probably won't last as long as one of the wood swords would, but it won't hurt his sister as badly if/when he whacks her with it.

We watched a show of some cute guy playing with fire and did some shopping.

And don't think we didn't stop by those funny places to take your picture!

After the Renaissance Festival we made s'mores by the fire.

Sunday, we surprised Shawn's mom with a big birthday party at The Argosy.  I think the surprise worked and we had a really good turn out.

Needless to say, after this exciting weekend, we have been exhausted and have all come down with a cold.  The kids are just starting to get better, but are still all runny nosed.  This weekend doesn't look like it will be as busy, but you never know with us.  We rarely stick to plans and are often quite spontaneous.  I'm excited to see what's to come.  Probably decorating for Halloween.  We are getting excited here and starting to feel super festive.


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