Our Quickly Growing Family

Yup, our family is expanding by the minute, or so it feels.  I'm an aunt again!  Sunday night, we went to dinner, the whole family, and enjoyed our time together before my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (who I've considered a good friend, and sister for a while now) went to the hospital to be induced.

Monday morning, I was going to get up and get dressed, feed the kids, and then in the afternoon (when we all thought the baby would be coming) go to the hospital with someone watching the kids for me.  Well, I got a phone call at almost 9am saying that Morgan was dilating fast, and that I should hurry.  Well, hurry is what I did.  I called our great friend Torren and he came over to watch the kids.  I might add that he usually doesn't go to bed until only a few hours before the time I called him, so it really meant a lot that he came over to watch the kids.  I jumped in the car and drove about an hour or so to get to the hospital.

I hadn't been there very long before she had the urge to push and when they checked her, she was fully dilated.  My mother-in-law was nowhere near the hospital and she was wanted there.  The doctor wasn't even ready for her so they held off for a little bit, but then it was baby time.

Morgan was a pro, I was so proud of her.  At 11:19 Baby Leigha joined the world and our crazy family.

Julie didn't make in time for the birth, but when she and Andy did get there, they were beaming proud Grandparents.

She looks just like my brother-in-law, Chris.

The nurse taught Chris how to change a diaper.

They are such a beautiful family.
(I didn't take this family picture, but it is too perfect to not share)


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