Snow Days!

You know it's either going to snow really bad, or do nothing at all when they cancel school the day before snow is even supposed to start.  We actually got a bunch of snow already!!!  When we buy groceries, we by enough to hopefully get us from one pay day to the next, so we didn't have to run to the grocery store, our vehicles are nice and gassed up, we went to the library to get new books yesterday, and last night, Shawn even made a double batch of M&M cookies.  I guess you could say, we were prepared.  We watched the latest Muppet movie last night as a family (for the like 5th time) and then went to bed with no snow and woke up to a lovely snow filled view from our bedroom window.

I came downstairs to let the dog out and then back in.  I think she thought it was too cold to pee and after eating a little snow, she ran back inside.

When we came back inside and I cooked us yummy blueberry muffins and pumpkin coffee.  Warm and delicious on this wonderful snow day.  While cooking, I turned on the news.  Even the kids couldn't stop watching it.  The roads are awful and they are advising people to stay at home if possible. (My husband is working from home today.)

The view from my front door this morning was nothing but a quiet snow covered neighborhood.  It didn't even look like anyone had driven on the road at all.

Those big pots are my tomatoes from last year, and the lumps right behind it, are my strawberries from last year, but you can't even seen them, the snow is so high.

A little bit ago, Shawn went outside with a ruler to see how much snow we had gotten.

Yes, that is 10 inches of snow!!!

Shawn thought Petty would like to maybe investigate the snow.  I can tell you, she wasn't thrilled, but didn't run back inside immediately like I thought she would.  She sniffed around and slowly made her way back in.

The snow seems to have stopped for now, but another big snow storm is supposed to move through this evening.  My husband is so excited.  I am too, but he's watching the weather like a mad man.

Alright, I need to feed the kids some lunch, and get the chili and bread cooking, so we can go out and play in the snow in a little bit.


Sandra said…
Goodness that's a lot of snow.

Your dog made me laugh, that's how my pugs were back in Idaho when it snowed, no matter how bad they had to go, it was so cold they would run back in LOL

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