Happy Homemaker Monday

I know I have been MIA for a while. I'm sorry, my laptop has died and I've been left with just my iPad. The iPad is a fun toy. A great way to surf the Internet, play games, and watch things on Netflix but not a great way to do anything of importance. We are getting my computer fixed, hopefully soon, but in the meantime I need to try to figure out how to make do with what I have. Try to hang in there with me as the iPad is not the easiest thing to use with blogger. 

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....  80s and 90s with rain possibilities today. 

Right now I am....Sitting on my couch under a crochet blanket watching the end of the 4th Harry Potter with the monsters. 

Thinking....I have so much housework to catch up on since we had such a busy weekend. 

On my reading pile....Happy Housewives by Darla Shine, The Duggars: 20 and counting by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and Then came you by Jennifer Weiner

On my TV.....Desperate Housewives and some things I have been neglecting on my DVR while I fold piles and piles of laundry.   
What I found while surfing the net....
Sorry for the incorrect way of linking. I just can't figure out how to use this app very well. Anyway, this blog is lots of fun she has beautiful pictures and lots of fun arts and crafts to do with the kids.
On the menu for this week....I'm not sure what we are cooking this week really. 

Monday - Some kind of Chinese chicken and a big veggie stir fry. 
Tuesday - Broccoli and potato frittata
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday - 
Saturday - 
Sunday - 

On my to do list....LAUNDRY!!!  Dishes, floors, bathrooms

In the craft basket....I have been working very hard on a big beautiful crochet blanket. I want to start quilting as well. I'm also working on some painting ideas. 

Looking forward to this week....Ben has blastball tomorrow night. It's so cute watching him play. 

Looking around the house....So much laundry is piled up to be folded or washed.  There's a few dishes in the sink that need to be washed and some recycling on the kitchen counter. I definitely have my work cut out for me today.  The kids are playing with Ben's Batman toys all over the living room floor. 
From the camera....
Shawn and his brother got the best Father's Day present from their parents. They got a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a B-17. 

On my prayer list.....Sandra and her family as they get ready to move to a new home in a new state. 
My husband as he travels this week. 
My brother and sister-in-laws while their daughter goes on a vacation to Texas with her Grandma. 

Bible verse, Devotional....She is clothed with strength an dignity, and laughs at the days to come.~Proverbs 31:25


Sandra said…
I would be so lost without my laptop lol

What a great Father's day gift, I'm sure they enjoyed that :)

Thank you for the prayers, as always Liz, I really appreciate them. I'm so ready to go home and get settled.

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