Wonderful Saturday

I'm still waiting for my computer to go to the shop. My husband's been driving around for a week with it in his car, so this is coming from my ipad. Sorry its not a great post. I'm so limited to what it will let me do and how I can format my posts. I just have had such a wonderful day, that I have to post about it. 

This morning we got up and went to the farmer's market. Our good stroller bit the big one on a muddy trail a while back so for now we are using an umbrella stroller which means there is no basket underneath to put our purchases in. Shawn ended up carrying Rylie so we could put all of our goodies in the stroller. 

She loved helping pick things out and helping carry stuff like carrots and potatoes. We got a few goodies and even got emu leg bones for Maya. She loves them, so we buy them all summer every year. 

The air conditioner has been out on the van for weeks.  Today we finally gave in and took it to the shop. Being a busy family of five we can't go without our van or a vehicle big enough to fit in and since our other car is a small , two door, Pontiac Sunfire, we had to rent a van.  Call me crazy, but I like renting vehicles. I know it's expensive, but there's something exciting about driving a different car for a little bit. The kids like it too. They've been all excited about the rental van and having cold air. 

After picking up the rental, cleaning out our van, and taking it to the shop, we went out for lunch at one of our favorite places that we haven't been to for a while, Mirth.  Usually when we go downtown we put Rylie in the stroller because its easier for me to keep track of three kids when one of them is pretty much strapped to me. Shawn decided that he would let Rylie walk as long as she would hold his hand. She was happy and had no problems. It was adorable!

When we came back from lunch it was rest time for the kids, and apparently Shawn as well. 

I spent that time relaxing and watching some Desperate Housewives. When Shawn woke up, he went out to the patio to work on homework. 

I dozed a little and watched Madagascar 3 with the kids. The day wasn't all play though. I did a little laundry, cleaned the downstairs bathroom floor, cleaned up the kitchen a little, and cleaned Obi Wan's tank. 

Because the day was mostly a lazy day, we went back downtown for dinner at Noodles and Co. Shawn let Rylie walk again. 

We came home and let both Ben and Sydney purchase one game each for their iPads and they played them while watching Hotel Transylvania. They were so tired that they didn't make it long into the movie. I sat down with my granny square blanket I've been crocheting. 

I'm so happy with how beautiful it is turning out. 

We've had a wonderful, beautiful day. I am thinking about heading to bed though. Shawn is working on homework again, the kids are all sleeping and I've got to get up for mass tomorrow morning. After mass, I think we are planning to spend our day at my in-laws, playing in the pool, getting some sun, and eating a delicious dinner. I love that we live so close to them. It's nice to be able to get along so well and the kids get to have them as such an important part of their lives.  

Ok, really now, goodnight. 


Deb said…
What a great weekend. I love how your afghan is turing out. I am also working on an afghan like that. Enjoy your 4th of July!
Debbie said…
Sounds like a lovely day.

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