The Last Three and a Half Weeks

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks, and oh so much in the way of adjustments, but I think we are finally falling into our new normal.  I just want to let you in on all the craziness that has been our past few weeks.

The last post I did (that wasn't a Happy Homemaker Monday post) came from a stressed and frazzled mom who had been dealing with a new baby, and illness in the home.  I can tell you that things here now are so much better.  With all change there is an adjustment phase, and adding a new person to your life is a big adjustment especially to the other kids.  I was treated for PPD after Rylie and looking back, I probably was suffering from it after Sydney as well, I just didn't know at the time.  I didn't have a problem after Ben and I don't think it's an issue after Scotland.  I seem to just be in a much better place emotionally, although a week or so out from birth I was worried about it.

The day after I came home from the hospital with Scotland, I jumped right back into our crazy busy life.  I didn't have time to just relax and adjust.  I had three kids with busy schedules at home, and it was almost Easter.

The kids have had soccer every Saturday, and Ben has practice on Tuesdays.

I'm so proud of how excited they've gotten over soccer.  They both want to do soccer camp this summer along with baseball and swimming lessons.  Sydney made her first goal this last Saturday.

Of course the kids had to dye Easter eggs.  It's not a proper Easter without dyed eggs!

And of course Easter was a busy but fun day.

I think Rylie liked the candy part of Easter the most.

We try to get outside whenever possible.  Ben was teaching Rylie about rollie pollies.

Ben's school is only a couple of blocks from our house so we like to walk there on the weekends and play at the playground.

There has been lots of homework.  School is almost out for the summer and I'm so proud of how hard they have worked.  Ben has come such a long way this year!

We set up Scotland's baby gym mat.  I think she likes it.

Ben had his first ever school music program.  He was so sweet.  I even got the best picture of him with his teacher.

Ben is in the front row, right next to the piano player's head.

Sydney had pictures for her dance recital.

Ben's school had a carnival.  It was so much fun!  They had inflatable bouncy houses and obstacle courses, a doctor and nurses station where they gave them fake boo boos and bandaged them up, a rock wall, a giant trampoline with a harness attached to a crane, face painting, hair dying, a cake walk, a silent auction, food, and snow cones.

We got our new grill and were super excited to use it!

We always make time for reading!

Ben has been learning about magnets and how they work, at school.  It's been very interesting to him so we watched How It's Made about magnets.  Rylie and Sydney were really interested also.

Just a sweet picture of Scotland.

My Aunt Marci and Uncle John came to visit from Houston.  My Uncle Chris came up from Kansas City and they met at my house Thursday and Friday.  Friday, my Grandpa Moose came also and we celebrated his birthday.  He turned 85.

Watching my girls rough housing with my uncles reminded me of my childhood.  Growing up Uncle Chris and I were really close.  He was always at our house.  He even lived with us for a little while.  He's in probably 90% of the memories I have about growing up.

Saturday, Shawn graduated with his Bachelors in Business Administration and now he's going on to get his masters degree.

His parents and I threw him a little party afterward.  It was nice to celebrate his huge accomplishment.  The kids and I also got him some grilling accessories like new stainless steal spatulas and tongs, a veggie basket, and a meat thermometer to go with his nice new grill.

For Mother's Day on Sunday, my big kids made me gifts.  Ben gave me an adorable picture frame with his picture as well as a poem with his handprint that made me cry.

Sydney gave me a flower pot she made and painted at school with a flower she'd planted herself in it.

Look at this adorable little face!

We went out to brunch and then went for a nice long drive in the country, which is one of my favorite things to do.

Scotland is not a fan of the car seat.  She'd much rather be held. She'd better learn to at least tolerate the car seat since we spend a lot of time in the car.

We ended the wonderful day with dinner, and planning for our garden area in our front yard.  I'm getting my rose bushes I wanted oh so badly, for Mother's Day from Shawn.  We decided to wait to put them in until we get back from our trip in the next couple of weeks.  Since we'll be gone for a few days with nobody to water them, we worried they would die.  Right before bed, Shawn and I sat up and watched Game of Thrones.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day.

This week is Sydney's last week of school and she has a field trip tomorrow and her class picnic on Thursday.  Ben's last day is a week from Thursday.  I can't believe how fast this school year has gone by.  What an amazing year it has been.  I can't wait to see what next year brings, but in the mean time, we are going to try and enjoy our summer as well.


Mindy Gauthier said…
Oh My!! That was a wonderful and very upbeat post! I am so glad to see that you are more settled and in a good place. I can not believe how much you and your family have done the past few weeks - looks like a lot of fun and some great memories. The pictures of your kids are great. Looks like things are going to all fall into place, and in the middle of it all your husband earned his bachelors! Way to go!
Enjoy ~
Liz said…
Mindy, I don't know if you read the follow up comments, but I wanted you to know that what you said on the previous post, where I was having a rough time really did help. It was nice to see such encouraging words.
Mindy Gauthier said…
Hi Liz,
I did read your follow up and I am glad to have helped, my children are 21, 18, and 16 now and we have a 2 year old grandson that lives with us too. It is a full crazy busy house and I wouldn't have it any other way! Everyday is an adventure - and they go by way too fast. Even on the hardest days it is important to find something to be positive about, it makes it somewhat easier :) - glad I found your blog, I look forward to reading about your adventures!
Mindy Gauthier said…
Hi Liz,
Hope is all going well! Missed you on Sandra's Homemaker Monday post this week. Happy Memorial Day!

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