Happy Birthday To Me

Today, I start the last year of my 20s.  In honor of today I'm going to post a couple of fun pictures of me growing up.

Here's to the big 29!


Mindy Gauthier said…
Hope you had a great birthday Liz! Your children look so much like you from the pictures you posted - wow! 29 is great but the best is yet to come - enjoy everyday in some way big or small!!
Here's to many blessings in your next trip around the sun -
Sandra said…
Oh my gosh Liz, I don't know how I missed this post, and unfortunately not being on Facebook anymore, I seem to be missing everyone's birthdays.

I'm so sorry, but I guess better late than never right?

I hope you had a fantastic birthday and wish you many many more. I remember being so scared of turning 30, and now here I am, about 2 weeks away from turning 40 LOL

I agree with Mindy though, the best is yet to come, the thirties were my favorites :)

Anyway, I am babbling, hope you are doing well, miss chatting with you on Facebook :)


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