Mom's Don't Get Sick Days

I seem to have caught whatever awful head cold the kids have been passing back and forth.  I feel like it's wiping me out more than it has the kids though.  Rylie on the other hand seems to have a stomach bug on top of the head thing. I don't want that at all!!!  I've been doing lots of tylenol cold and sinus. I want so desperately to do hot tea, but the weather has been in the 80s, and with my hormones still crazy from being pregnant with Scottie and now nursing, I can't stop sweating as it is.

Don't let the colds fool you though.  We've still been go go going.  Sydney's class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I always go and leave the kids not in the class with a sitter, but for this trip, I couldn't find a sitter.  I talked to Sydney and told her I wasn't probably going to be able to go.  She was sad, but said it would be fine.  I talked to Shawn, and we decided that I should go anyway.  I strapped Scotland to my chest in her carrier, put Rylie on her monkey back pack leash, and off we went.  Now, don't let the fact that Rylie is in a leash fool you.  Most of the time the leash part is on, it's all a precautionary thing, and used in situations that could turn out poorly should she run off.  I usually try to hold her hand as well as the leash.  She doesn't really seem to mind it either.  We had a really good time, and Rylie felt so special, getting to go to Syd's field trip.

We had so much fun, and Rylie got to feel like a big girl for a little while.  I love seeing her joy. We're really working on potty training so she can go to preschool next year.  She wants to go so badly right now.  Hopefully she'll be ready in time.

The kids fall soccer season ended last weekend.  I'm kind of glad, but also a little sad.  The kids really love soccer, especially Syd who I was told over and over by the coach, his wife, and a couple of other parents that she's an exceptional player and one of the most motivated on the team.  They thought she was older just based on her abilities and attention span, when in reality she's one of the youngest. Sydney is an old soul though.  Ever since she could talk at about a year and half she's been like a grown woman.  Ben is really learning the positions of the field and what team work really means. He's enjoying every minute and really is feeling good about himself, which makes me really happy.

Shawn's parent's came out to watch their last games also.  We didn't tell the kids beforehand so they were super surprised to see them there.

After soccer was over, Ben had an end of season party at CiCi's Pizza. The kids ate, and then off they ran to enjoy the games.  Rylie spent all of her tokens to ride the My Little Pony horse thing over and over again.

I mean, really, she's so cute I can't even stand it!  I want one of these for her just to keep.  Hahahaha!

Later in the day, after the kids had some naps and Shawn and I got some house work done, it was time for our family trip to the pumpkin patch.  Usually we go in a great big group, but this year, it was just us.  I enjoy it both ways, but sometimes I feel like we have fewer melt downs when we do stuff in smaller groups.  I mean, we really didn't have a single argument, fight, or angry child the entire time we were there.  We love the pumpkin patch and look forward to going every year.  I was super excited to take my camera, because this is one of my favorite settings ever for pictures.

Rylie was so scared in the corn maze.  I think she thought something was going to jump out at her.  I don't care to much for the mazes usually, but mostly because I'm not good at them, but Shawn's pretty good at them, so I just follow him.

The kids got to drive tractors.  I think my kids are ready to mow some lawns. Haha!

Sometimes, I get so bored with Kansas.  I think that I want to move somewhere with mountains, or an ocean, or even to a nice big lake.  Just a change... but then I see this and I realize that Kansas really is beautiful.  My dad always told me that if we grew up and lived in the mountains or next to the ocean for so long, we'd be blind to the beauty there too.  Maybe he was right.

And of course, my husband is the cutest, dorkiest, man I know.

I carried Scottie on my chest through the entire pumpkin patch.  The best part is that every time I look down, this is the face I see staring back.

After the pumpkin patch we went to Shawn's parent's house for a family bonfire.  Who doesn't love smores by a nice warm fire?

This last week has been just school, dance, house work, a trip to the vet, and a meeting/dinner with my momma and step dad, about the process of buying a house.  How exciting!  

Scotland turned 6 months old.  She's getting so big so fast!

This week, I couldn't resist parking the van on the side of the road, and hopping out to take some pictures of the hill near our neighborhood.  You can see all the way to Kansas City, Missouri on good days, which is about 40 miles away, and the trees here look so amazing.

Scottie did start baby food this week too.  That's pretty fun.  I love watching her experience all of these new things.  She immediately wants to take the spoon and do it herself.  It's so cute.

I can't get over those sweet giant baby eyes!  So sweet.

Alright, I think it's time for a little Afrin, Tylenol cold and sinus, and some sleep.  The morning will come too soon in this house.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


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