Ok, I've been meaning to do this post for a little while now.  As I type this, my cute little monsters are running and playing and having a good time at Laugh Out Loud while I sit and watch as well.

So, a couple of weeks ago, an ad came up on my Facebook for Xtreme Bugs, an exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City.  I'm not a fan of bugs really.  I don't like them in my house and I really dislike anything that bites or stings. I don't know why this caught my attention, because usually I just scroll past ads, but something about this one had me look further.  After going to the website I saw that the cost was much cheaper than most of the other exhibits they host.  We decided to make a whole day out of it and do Science City and lunch at Union Station as well and went, not last Saturday but the Saturday before.  The girls and I even watched Bugs Life, the week before, in preparation.

First I have to tell you how beautiful Union Station is!  It's so amazing.  I would have loved to see what it was like back when it was a full on train station.

 We decided to go play at Science City first and then grab something to eat.

The very first thing to do was a screen where the lady was doing yoga and the kids did it with her and could see themselves doing it.

We took our friend Terry with us.  I think we all had a great time.

Science City was just as fun for the adults as it was for the kids.  The big boys were landing their rocket ships.

Terry was sitting on the space toilet.  He said "Now I just need something to read."

We went to a space sphere show where they lit up this sphere with projected images to make it look like the sun, all of the different planets, and the milky way.  It was so cool, and we learned a lot about space and especially the individual planets.  I also loved that they had the kids yelling out answers, so it was extremely interactive.

This was the milky way.  It kind of looks like a disco ball in this picture, but in person, it was amazing.

The kids got to dig for dinosaur fossils.

That's a boy ready to dig.

This little sass pot, makes me laugh all the time.

The train part was really cool too.  Lots for the kids to climb in.

This picture completely cracks me up!  The train made a noise and started rattling like it was really on.  I think Ben thought it was going to just take off so he jumped up.  I told him to sit down and smile so I could get his picture, and this is what I got.  Hahaha!

Of course, Rylie found horses.

The elevator had glass window type walls.  We don't do tons of elevators so the see threw ones were really cool to the kids!

After Science City, we stopped to eat in the restaurant at the front of Union Station.  While we were waiting to order our food, we got to witness the end of a flash mob where a man asked a woman to marry him.  It was so sweet.  Of course she said yes.  We also saw a bride in her beautiful dress. Rylie kept insisting that she was a princess.  She did look like one.

After lunch we went to see some Xtreme Bugs.  They were huge!  They moved and made noise and were just really incredible.  I couldn't believe how cool they were.

The kids got to do more digging and investigating.

This spider looks like it's going to get Ben!

After the exhibit, they had a real tarantula, scorpion, silk worms, and hissing cockroaches.  Soooo gross!

Of course a fun picture opportunity with the big kids while Scottie slept.

Across the street from Union Station is Liberty Memorial.  It's a memorial for World War I.  Because we went on the weekend before Veteran's Day, we got to see the very end of a ceremony as we were leaving.

This giant bee was outside in the lawn.  So huge!

And every where we go, there are signs of fall.  This tree was too beautiful.

My in-laws were out of town on a mini vacation, but Shawn had left his car there the night before, so we had to stop by and pick it up.  When we got there I noticed a package on the front porch, so I took it inside and took this picture to send to my mother-in-law with the caption "Finders keepers." Hahaha!

Yes, I'm quite a dork most of the time.

On the car drive home, the sunset was so beautiful!  I just was in awe!

I'm telling you, it was the perfect day.  Lots of fun and so much we got to see and do.  Completely necessary of the blog post however late and photo crammed it may be.


Sandra said…
It does sound like the perfect day :) I know my family and I would have enjoyed going to that exhibit.

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