Catching Up In The Chaos

Ok, so I've been a pretty crappy blog owner lately.  Christmas came and went.  As anyone, especially someone with children, can understand that the holidays become a huge blur.  Shawn took off from the day after Christmas until January 5th from work, so he had a little over a week of time to just hang out with us.  We were originally going to do a vacation to Colorado, but having to buy a new car at the end of November kind of killed that plan.  Then we planned on doing all of the fun stuff we could find and pack into our days.  Well, Ben continued to have wrestling, so we had to stay around home.  We didn't really do anything special, just took down the Christmas decorations and got the house back in order.

Here's my new car. She's really beautiful.  Also, here's a picture of the kids in the van, saying goodbye.  She was a good van.  The kids love the Explorer, but were sad to see the van go.

The day after Shawn went back to work, he was traveling again...  Actually as I type this, he is in Chicago on his 2nd of 3 business trips this month.  I hate him being gone this much, and he doesn't like it either, but it's what pays the bills, so we're just dealing with it.

I did some snacks for Ben's school Christmas party, and was so excited to get to stay at the party while Shawn stayed home with the girls.  He was so excited for me to be there, and even the other moms were wow'd by my snacks of snowmen cheese sticks and reindeer food.

The weekend before Christmas we took the kids to the Plaza.  They have horses pulling fun carriages and sleighs and at Christmas time, they cover every building in Christmas lights.  There are always tons of pan handlers there, some more talented than others, but honestly, it wouldn't be the same down there with out them.  We had a really great time and we took Shawn's Aunt Susie with us. She's so neat.

The kids made wishes rubbing the boars nose.

We sang and danced with the Hare Krishnas.

We ate a little treat at Natasha's.

Here's my best Christmas pictures:

We've really started our house search.  We've been looking for a while, but now, we are getting serious.  It's exciting, stressful, and frustrating all at the same time.  We know what we want and need, and aren't wanting to compromise on those things.

We managed to get a very small amount of snow at one point this season so far.  Bummer we haven't gotten more, but we weren't allowed to let this snow go with out being played in.  Sydney and Rylie had a stomach bug but Ben and I managed to get out and play in it for a short amount of time.

Shawn's birthday, is literally 3 days after Christmas, and he wanted a low key birthday, so I made chili for the whole family and Sydney made the cake.

On New Years Eve, we stayed home (like we usually do) and did our fun little party.

I've been trying really hard to keep up on housework and get the normal tasks done.  And with 4 kids, no task is quick or small.  Grocery shopping is a nightmare.  I've started back up Door to Door Organics, which delivers organic fruits and vegetables to our doorstep.  I've also ordered from Amazon Pantry a few times which is nice also.  On little grocery trips, I've found that if you get Rylie a nice treat, like a cake pop and chocolate milk, she stays content in the cart the entire time.

Scotland is now pulling herself up on everything and yesterday even took one tiny little step before face planting in the living room carpet.  We've started cloth diapers out of frustration with constant leaks and blowouts in the disposables.  We've had good luck with only one leak, overnight, and only pee, so not quite so bad.  I'm looking at other diapers for overnight.  She's also still getting up a lot in the night and I can't keep doing this.  I'm completely exhausted and the doctor told me that she doesn't need to continue with middle of the night feedings and all that is happening is I'm creating a monster.  A cute little monster that wakes up in the middle of the night, keeping me up and making me her human pacifier.  This momma could use a little sleep!

Ben lost both of his front teeth.  He looked so cute with that toothless smile, but it really didn't last long.  He has two front teeth growing in very quickly now.

I have a couple of really good recipes I need to post on here also.  I mean really good ones!

Yesterday was Shawn and I's 7 year wedding anniversary.  We celebrated this last weekend by going out to dinner at McCormick and Schmicks.  It was so amazing.

For an appetizer we had crab tater tots that were giant tater tots filled with lump crab meat, brie cheese, and potatoes.  We each had a bowl of clam chowder as well.  Honestly, it was the best clam chowder I've ever had.
Shawn got a steak and lobster meal.

I got steak and stuffed shrimp.  The shrimp were stuffed with lump crab meat.

For dessert we got the chocolate bag, and the crème brûlée.

After dinner and picking up the kids from the in-laws, we finally decorated our bedroom.  I'd been dying to put up some things in our bedroom that we had in the garage, and I've been trying really hard to come up with something for over our bed.  Shawn surprised me for our anniversary by taking me to a really neat store downtown and buying me two copper bracelets as well as a beautiful wall hanging for over our bed.

I'm so in love with how it looks.  I'm actually sitting on the bed, right now, while I type this.  I just love my room.

Ben is home sick today from school.  He's got a pretty yucky cough, he's clogged up, and has a pounding headache.  Sydney and Scotland do also, but Rylie seems pretty ok, a little clogged up but not coughing.

The weather here has been completely insane.  Up and down... We've had days where the high was like 2 degrees and then days like yesterday that made it into the 60s.  We actually walked to pick up Ben from school on Friday.

We've been having Smash nights every week with Shawn's sister and her boyfriend.  The kids got a Wii U and several games for Christmas.  We've been enjoying Super Smash Bros together as a family.  It's really a lot of fun and can have up to 8 players at a time.

We even made it out to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum to see their Plains Indians exhibit on their last day.  It was really cool and the kids enjoyed it too.  Maybe I'll do a full post on that tonight or tomorrow, since I really did get so many pictures of the amazing artifacts.

Ok, I think I got the last month or so all summed up.  It's been insane.  Now, I'm going to try to do better with keeping up, because I really do miss this.


Mindy Gauthier said…
That is an amazing update! It looks like you both enjoyed and made the absolute most of the holidays. Great photos too - you make beautiful babies and I think your husbands sister looks so much like your girls! I hope you find the home you are looking for sooner than later, and based on personal experience I absolutely agree with you about sticking to what you want - you shouldn't have any regrets on such a major, life changing purchase. One thing I am certain of when it comes to a house it's always a good idea to have at least one extra room that you don't have any plans for - we have a room in our home, not a large room, something like 10' X 10' and it has seen many uses over the last 11 years - computer room, bedroom, craft/t.v. room, now a bedroom again, you see what I mean! LOL
Take care Liz and keep doing what you are doing - you such a great job making memories with your family - and recording it!
Pamela said…
I really enjoyed reading this post. You have a lovely family and those are the cutest snowman and reindeer snacks!

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