Rylie's First Field Trip

Ok, so of course we've been on our fair share of field trips, but this was Rylie's first field trip that was actually hers!  We went with her preschool class to the pumpkin patch.  She was so excited and even woke up talking about it.  Shawn blocked off the morning in his schedule so that he could go too. I've always been the one to go on field trips with the kids.  I was so glad that Shawn got to go too. We had a really nice time. I have to say though, this was the first field trip I've ever been on where literally every student had a parent with them.  Often they do buddies because about half of the class doesn't have their parents able to attend. The teachers in that school are so sweet too.

Rylie was so excited to spend the whole time with us and her good friend Scarlet.

Here's some fun pictures from our trip:


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