Getting In To The Holiday Spirit

Yesterday really began the holiday season for us.  If you know me at all, you know that I truly get wrapped up in the holidays, Christmas especially.

A friend of ours invited us to his house for a pre-Thanksgiving party.  He made a Turducken and we all made sides.  Friday evening, Shawn and I made corn casserole, cranberries, Nutella cheesecake, and what was supposed to be homemade bread but ended up being Wheatfields bread after my bread machine crapped out.  No worries, this was a dry run for us.  We have a new bread machine on the way and due to be delivered tomorrow. We let the kids help make the corn casserole and they really enjoyed getting involved.  Sydney and Rylie jumped at the opportunity while Ben took a little coaxing.  He enjoyed it but had other things he wanted to do instead.

Friday night, we ran Shawn's car to his Aunt Susie so that she could borrow it for the weekend for Uncle Mike's food visit, and really until Thanksgiving as Shawn doesn't have any travel this week.  She doesn't have a car, but really because she doesn't need one most of the time as she lives very close walking or biking distance to her work and honestly, if Shawn doesn't need his car we don't mind letting her borrow it when she does.  The kids were just so thrilled to see her.  She's so sweet and great with the kids.

Saturday was Turducken day.  We packed the car full with Tiemanns, Torren, and yummy food, and headed to Buck's house. We ate as soon as we got there and then spent the rest of the afternoon socializing, and playing with Buck's many pets.

After we left Buck's house, we went to the Legends for the Christmas tree lighting.  I missed the actual tree lighting as I was trying to talk Rylie out of going to T-Rex's for dinner.  She saw dinosaurs and ever since we watched Jurassic World, she's been obsessed.  All of the kids have been really.

I promised we'll eat there very soon and we went running towards the tree only to be about 30 seconds too late.  Oh well, it's not the only Christmas celebration we're going to this season, it looked really beautiful anyway, and Shawn assured me that we didn't miss much.

We also did get to take the big kids' and Torren's picture with the Dinosaur from T-Rex's.

Torren just kept saying "It's not even Thanksgiving yet!" through the entire Christmas tree lighting, but I don't care.  I love it!!!  We decided to not take the kids pictures with Santa yet, as the line was incredibly long, we hope to watch Santa get rescued from Weavers here in town, and then he'll be at Weavers until Christmas.

After we were done at the Christmas tree lighting we came back home.  Torren, Kelly and Adam came with us.  We opened the Loot Crate after we got home, and these awesome Shredder sunglasses came in it.

After the kids went to bed, we all watched Terminator Genisys and had a super late night.

We have a fun week coming up.  The kids only have school Monday and Tuesday.  Ben still has in clay class and Sydney still has dance class on Monday night, but for the rest of the week, there are no extra-curriculars. Woohoo! Wednesday is for lots of cooking. Thursday is Thanksgiving which will be full of family and yummy food. Friday may be for shopping, and definitely for decorating and watching Santa get rescued from Weavers and the downtown Christmas lighting.  I'm so excited!

Also, this year I think I'm going to attempt Blogmas and Vlogmas.  I have some topics written down so I can get started queing them up, but if anyone has any ideas or something you'd like to see, let me know.  I'll see what I can do.


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