Happy Homemaker Monday

Wooohooo!  Look who is on top of her game this morning!  I'm here for Happy Homemaker Monday, and it's been ages!

The weather:::
So cold this morning.  I woke up and it was a freezing 28 degrees.  Thank goodness for remote start on my car. It made the drive to school this morning, much warmer.

As I look outside my window:::
The sun is shining so bright and the sky is blue.

Right now I am::: 
Sitting in my bed with Rylie and Scotland, and watching Peppa Pig.

Thinking and pondering:::
Thanksgiving! I'm getting excited and the stress hasn't hit me yet.  I also need to work on my grocery list and put an order in so that it's all delivered tomorrow.

On my bedside table:::
A knocked over pile of books, 7 to be exact, and a little toy disney princess that belongs to Scottie.

On my tv this week:::
I have a few shows on my DVR to watch this week as well as the scheduled ones.
I need to catch up on Doctor Who as I'm a couple of weeks behind.  I also need to watch Sister Wives, last weeks Grey's Anatomy, Bones, American Horror Story, Law and Order: SVU, and Mysteries of Laura.

Jane the Virgin

American Experience - The Pilgrims
Chicago Fire
Secrets of the Dead PBS 

Star Wars Rebels



The Real Housewives of Cheshire
Doctor Who
Ash vs. Evil Dead

Blood and Oil

Listening to:::
Peppa Pig.  I've seen every episode so many times that I can recite it along with the show, but the kids love Peppa Pig, and I don't find it as annoying as many of the other kid shows.

On the menu for this week:::
I haven't figured out the meal plan yet, although I do plan to do that in the next hour or so.  It will probably be lots of fast food and easy cooking until Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday -
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Thursday - Thanksgiving dinner!
Friday - 
Saturday - 
Sunday -  
On my to do list:::

Laundry - After doing so much of it yesterday, I still have plenty to fold and put away
Dishes - I have a load of dirties waiting to go into the dishwasher but the dishwasher needs to be unloaded still.
Meal planning and shopping online

Happening this week:::
Monday - Getting the house clean, Ben's clay art class, Sydney's ballet class, Ben and Sydney school
Tuesday - Pickup the house, Ben, Sydney and Rylie school, Sydney's PJ party at school and must take a fruit for friendship fruit salad, Shawn go to big kids lunches at school
Wednesday - No school Hair appointment and lots of cooking
Thursday -  Thanksgiving Day
Friday - Decorating for Christmas!  Putting up the tree.

What I am creating:::

I've been working on a corner to corner blanket.  It's coming on nicely but I'm afraid I won't have time to work on it this week.

My simple pleasure:::
Laughing and relaxing with family and friends.

Looking around the house:::
Ugh... The house is a mess, and there is much to be done. I don't feel motivated especially since my legs feel like rubber after yesterday's workout.

From the camera:::
Sydney is a serious nail biter.  She has little tiny nubs of nails and her finger tips are always bleeding because she just bites them so short.  Shawn made a deal with her that if she quit biting them for one week we'd paint her nails, and if she didn't bite them for two weeks, she could paint his nails. While she was talking about it and getting so excited about it, Rylie started to get excited. Being the wonderful sister that Sydney is, she offered to Rylie, to let her paint one of Shawn's hands.

Prayer List:::
All my friends and family

Bible verse, Devotional:::


Joanna Unbehaun said…
Your family is beautiful! Who needs meal planning this week, anyway? ;)
Enjoy your week, friend!
Grantham Lynn said…
Lovely post. It was nice meeting you. Looks like you have a busy week. Mine isn't so much busy. I'm off work all week. Yea. But I'm/we are cleaning our storage building out. I wanna go back to work. LOL.
I enjoyed reading about your plans. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I joined Happy Homemaker today. Come over and visit!
Carrie B. said…
What a sweet idea to stop your kiddo from biting her nails. Love that!! ;)

Wishing you a very wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
Jessy Skehan said…
Your meal plan looks just like mine! LOL My kids decided to take over the planning this week since I was on a "whatever is in the cupboards" fix as we had our Thanksgiving on Saturday, early. That was definitely enough cooking for a few days! LOL A C2C blanket is on my To Do List some day! I'm finishing up my 3rd afghan, a simple DC with DC border in colors my step-son picked out. Super easy compared to the shell stitch one I did for my son...Great nail polish! Happy Thanksgiving!

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