A Chill Weekend

Well, this weekend we didn't really do much.  It was so super cold and it just wasn't worth getting out and about.  We actually spent most of our time at home, and as much cleaning as I felt I did over the weekend, I can't tell today.  The house is a complete mess, and Scotland has passed out, in a pile of toys on the floor, from exhaustion.

Friday night, Shawn and I tackled the gigantic pile of laundry on our bedroom floor.  It was all clean just was in need of folding and putting away.  It took a little over an hour to get it done, but we did it. Whew!

Saturday, we watched our football team, win their first playoff game since 1994.  That's pretty darn impressive since we've had 8 consecutive playoff loses since then.  Boy were we excited!

Saturday evening, we went to one of the kids' friends birthday parties.  We had such a good time and there were so many people there we knew.  Even Shawn knew people there and he doesn't spend as much time with the kids and mommies as I do.  It was a really fun birthday party.  Rylie was so excited that her best friend was there.

Sunday we spent the whole day at home, cleaning and lounging.  Shawn went to the gym at one point during the day.  The girls and I made banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  They turned out delicious.  I definitely recommend this cookbook and kit set.

Shawn and I made prime rib.  The cost of the meat made me want to gag, but for every once and a while, it's fine. We still spent less on dinner than if we'd have gone out to eat and it was so much more delicious too.

It was nice to have a chill weekend.  Now it's time to get this week going. This evening, Sydney has ballet and Ben has his clay class.


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