Back to School They Go

Yesterday Rylie went back to school and today was Ben and Sydney's turn.  Ok, never mind what I say when the kids are arguing with each other or talking back to me.  I'm one of those weird parents that actually wishes she could keep her kids with her forever and ever and never have to send them to school. I truly miss the kids when they aren't here. I want to experience the world with them and do fun activities and adventures with them.  Oh well, there will be plenty of time for that around school. These little breaks are nice to remind me not to over bog my kids down with sports and extra curricular activities.  This summer we are planning a change of things.  I think the big kids will be playing baseball and Rylie will do her soccer camp but the big kids will not be joining in soccer camp.  In the mean time, dance and art classes start next week.

I'm working on planning lots of fun stuff for our summer vacation right now, as well as fun activities for our spring break and all three of the girls birthday parties.


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