Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning! I'm home from my trip, the kids are out of school for MLK day, and Shawn is out for the week in Boston. I'm feeling super ready to just fly through the week quickly, so lets get started!

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather:::
It is pouring down rain at the moment and 38 degrees. I think it's supposed to be low 40s today and tomorrow and then in the low 60s for the rest of the week.  

On my reading pile:::  
Still working on the 2nd Outlander book. I haven't had too much time for reading lately but hope to finish it this week.

On my TV:::
I have so many shows to catch up on.  I need to watch last week's This Is Us, and the last 2 weeks of American Housewife among many other things.

On the menu for this week:::

Monday -  Chicken Doritos Casserole
Tuesday - Spaghetti and garlic bread 
Wednesday - Pork chops with veggies  
Thursday - Homemade Pizza 
Friday - Going out for Shawn and I's anniversary
Saturday -
Sunday -

On my to do list:::
Come up with my grocery list and put in grocery order
Quick run to the grocery store for tonight's dinner
Fold the end of laundry pile in my room
Have the kids clean their rooms
Vacuum the stairs and living rooms
Clean out and reorganize my bedroom closet
Rearrange my kitchen counter tops

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Dying to get my crochet hooks out.  I have all this yarn I haven't touched yet. Also, I need to make the girls their name banners to go over their beds this week, so we can finish decorating their room.

Looking around the house:::
The main areas of the house looks really nice and tidy.  The kids rooms however look like they've seen a hurricane and my bedroom has plenty of clean clothes in need of folding in baskets on the floor.

From the camera:::

Something fun to share:::
I don't know if this really counts, but I have a friend that for the last few years has done 52 new recipes during the year. You can find her blog over at The Nerd Nest. This year, Shawn and I decided to do the exact same thing. We've already done three brand new to us recipes. I hope to document it all here, but I can't make any promises. Either way, it's a fun idea and a neat way to get us out of our rut of the same recipes every week or two.

What I'm wearing today:::
Dark blue jeggings, and a black and grey sweater. If I make it to the grocery store today, I'll probably wear my gray coat, and my Bearpaw boots.

One of my simple pleasures:::
Reading! I love to just relax with a good book. Put the kids on their iPads or with a book so I can lay back and tune them out while letting my imagination roam with a good book.

Bible verse, Devotional::: 
Today, I don't have a bible verse but it is an inspirational devotional anyway.


Jodi Saladino said…
I am so happy This Is Us is back on... Your menu looks yummy! Have a great week!!
Pamela said…
Loved the Outlander series! What a great idea to do a 52 Recipes feature. Might have to try that one since we have a new cookbook and will be trying out several of the recipes this week - that will give me a headstart on the 52 I need! Have a great week.
Sandra said…
I couldn't put down the Outlander series, they were fantastic. Let me know what you think when you're done :)
I like the idea of the 52 recipes, that sounds like fun and it might just be the motivation you need to keep blogging? ;)

Have a fantastic week :)
I really like This Is Us and last week's episode was good. I'm not as keen on The American Housewife though. I only watched one episode and found it a bit negative, are they all like that or is it the type of show I need to give a second chance? Love the 52 recipes idea, perhaps just what I need to break out of my menu plan rut. Hope you have a great week!

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