Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Ok, so I'm pretty sure it's just hot everywhere right now. The AC in our car is pretty much ca put. There is a slow leak, so we are putting coolant in there every two weeks or so with the help of Shawn's parents and their friend Terry. Well last night it decided to run out, on our way home from Kansas City. Today was miserable. We had a few errands to run which were definitely cut short because of the heat.

We went to Hy-vee which is about a block and a half away and by the time we got there, Ben was red and his hair was soaked with sweat. I felt terrible. I just thought we should maybe get some popcicles or something because of how hot it was.

Shawn and Ben went to KC tonight to get the air fixed. I was a little worried about Ben riding all the way there in a hot car, but he did just fine and now we should hopefully be good through vacation. If we take our car, I think we'll be taking extra coolent with us. I'm not riding in a hot car from Table Rock lake back to Lawrence.

I'm looking forward to our vacation. The relaxation will be nice. We've just been too stressed lately. Now, to figure out what to do with Maya while we are gone. Luckly we are only going from Thursday through Sunday instead of the whole week.

Tonight, Ben said his first two word phrase that I've ever heard. He was telling Maya "good girl." It was so cute. Ben and Maya are best friends. For those who don't know, Maya is our dog. Here is a few pictures of Ben and Maya in Maya's "bedroom." Ben likes to shut them both in there and play or cuddle with her.



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