Where did he find that?

Last night Shawn was working on homework in his office. Ben and I were getting ready for bed. Somewhere in the bedroom and I don't know where, Ben found an old peanut butter cup wrapper. I took it from him immediately, but I washed his hands and then tried to give him Benadryl. He wouldn't take it and spit it all back out on himself. I washed him up and went to get Shawn which sparked an argument. I think this peanut allergy has both Shawn and I on edge. We tried again to give Ben Benadryl and he took most of it but did spit quite a bit back out on himself. We bathed Ben and then he and I climbed into bed. I couldn't sleep for anything in the world after that. Shawn went back to homework and I watched The Nanny reruns that I had on the DVR.

Today I've decided that we have way too much clutter in this house. I have no idea where Ben found that candy wrapper. We can't let this stuff keep happening and I've got some major work to do around here. The trash men are going to hate us, but we will have a completely peanut free home. I need this place to be 100% safe for Ben.


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