Library pt 2

So, we had time to go to the library. It was raining pretty heavily and of course we had to park a long way from the entrance. Finally we got inside, nice and soaked. Thankfully Ben was in his stroller, because it could have been much worse. We went in and I got a library card, then we went on our search for good books. Ben found so many books he liked and so did I. In the end, I made him put several books back. I figure we'll go back in the next week or so to swap out his books. I also learned that I should pick out my books first. He can only be quiet for so long and the children's section just isn't as quiet as the adult section. We really had a good time. I'm going to be sad when we have to leave here in about 30 to 45 minutes for me to go to work and I don't get to read any of his books to him.


Shawn said…
I won't spoil the book reading, sweety. Don't you worry :).

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