Baby Books

I finally started baby books.  I'm on the look out for a good one for Ben, but I started Sydney's two days ago.  I haven't really scrap booked since my Hanson obsession back in the 7th grade.  I ordered a scrap booking paper set that will be great for their books.  Yesterday, I started going through pictures to print off, but I keep putting too many in the folder.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is a baby book, not a full blown photo album.

I have to work on my photo albums too.  I haven't put pictures in there since our trip to Table Rock Lake when I was pregnant with Ben.  A lot has happened and changed since then and I need to get on the ball.  If I do it, little by little, then it shouldn't be too expensive, haha!

I guess the whole point of me blogging tonight was to brag about finally starting the baby books for my children.

My sister and I need to get together and work on all the scrapbooks!  She created the front page for Sydney's baby book and it was huge.  Instead of cutting it down , I pulled all the pieces off and put them on a page that fit better into the book.

Here's all I've done so far:

The butterflies on this one are parts of the napkins from the baby shower and the hearts on these pages are from the table decorations at the shower.


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