Since vacation

I feel like we haven't done a lot, yet I've been too busy to blog.  I have to admit, I've been reading some, I haven't had a lot of time to do so, but have been doing it a little.  Right now, I'm reading Julie and Julia.  I love to read and try to get the children involved in books too.  Honestly, that's no problem.  Sydney is still really young for books, but loves to be read to.  Ben has me read at least four books a day to him.

I've been cooking and baking a lot, that's for sure.  Breads, soup, frittatas, and some Chinese side dishes for dinner with our friends to name a few things.  I'm enjoying this baking and cooking and my goal for today is to learn how to use my never used before bread machine.

This was me while baking bread.  I was a huge mess.  Thank goodness I caught the most of it and not the kitchen.

We've been swimming at Shawn's parent's house a lot this summer.  Not until after our vacation did Ben start to get more brave in the swimming pool.  He starting to let go of us or the wall and trust in the life jacket and his "kick kick kick."  It's adorable and I love it!

We even got a new crib for Sydney.  The old one was recalled so we took it back to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I got to pick out a new one.  Here's the one I picked out:

It's not set up yet although I can't wait to do it.  I also can't wait to get Ben's bed.  The kids are going to share a room even though we have the extra room.  I think it will be easier for Ben if he's got Sydney in there too when he goes to sleep.  I'm excited to decorate it for them.  After their room is done, I'll be sure to post pictures.

One day this weekend, it was cool enough that we were even able to go to the park.

We played soccer with Ben.  He loved it and Shawn and I got our exercise in.

Sydney decided that she doesn't like slides.

Me and the kids.

It's been so hot that our air conditioner on the house can't keep up at all.  It's getting to about 85 degrees in here during the day.  Imagine what it's like outside, if it's that hot in an air conditioned house.

We've got a new friend.  She doesn't have a name and isn't really even ours.  We've decided to keep her as our indoor outdoor kitty.  Well, she's 99% outdoor.  We can't take in a cat, but we let her come in and cool off and put food and water out for her.  She has two siblings, but they are too scared to come near us.  She, however, runs in the house when we open the door, and is in love with Ben.

Ben has been learning to share toys, which I LOVE and I'm sure Sydney appreciates it too.  He even lets Sydney play with his favorite toy, his spider man.  Sydney has been rolling over for quite some time now, but she's actually pushing up really well, and looks like she's ready to crawl soon.  I'm excited for that, but also dreading it at the same time.

We've also been spending some time with friends.  Torren comes over ever Friday.

Torren, the kid wrangler.

One night every other week, we do dinner with our friends Tim and Rebekah.

I think Tim is rubbing off on Ben.

This week, we are doing more cooking and baking, learning about the letter X, and my brother is coming to stay with us from Friday evening to Monday evening I believe.


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