What have we been up to?

Wow, there's a lot.  We've all been just a tad under the weather here.  It's alright though.  It hasn't been too bad and it's probably just allergies.  Lots of pollen right now.

My little brother, Andy, came out and stayed with us for a few days right before school started.  He hadn't gotten to stay with me in quite some time and we had lots of fun.  Ben was so upset when Andy had to leave.  He didn't want Andy to start school.

Shawn's little brother started school out here and is commuting everyday.  Most days he comes over and has lunch or dinner, and sometimes stays the night or plays basketball with Shawn.  I enjoy having him around.  He's a wonderful young man and the kids LOVE him.

We've been enjoying the outdoors.  The weather has cooled down a little bit.  Some evenings have been down right chilly but for the most part it's been highs in the 80s which means lots of trips to the park.  Ben is really into soccer and baseball.

Ben overcame his fear of the tubed slide at the play ground.  I was a proud momma that day.  Scratch that, I'm always a proud momma.

Ben has been so obsessed with school since everyone else is going.  I've decided that we're going to start "school" here next week.  I've been working on lesson plans and finding good worksheets and activities to do for school as well as songs to sing, and games to play.  I hope he enjoys it.  I'm really putting a lot of work into it.

During craft time, Ben has been coloring lately with real things in mind.  His favorite is waterfalls.  I have no idea what started the waterfall thing either.  (This picture is not the finished product, but I really could see the waterfalls he was telling me about.)

Shawn's mom bought the kids their Halloween costumes already.  This way we won't have to settle for whatever is left, closer to Halloween.  Ben was so excited about his Spider-man costume that he wore the mask all through Lowe's.  He loves Spider-man, and is even having a Spider-man themed 3rd birthday party. I'll cover that after his birthday, and maybe in blog posts as we get prepared for the big day also.

Also, I'm proud to say that after a lot of work, Ben is no longer a huge chicken in the swimming pool.  He wears a life jacket, but that didn't help him feel any better about the water up until the past 2 or 3 times we have gone swimming.  He wouldn't let go of you and would scream and cry a bunch of the time he was in the pool.  Now, he's swimming on his own and playing without help.  He's growing up so fast.

Today, has been the best day.  This morning, Shawn got up and took the kids in the other room so that I could sleep more.  It was almost 11:00 and I'd been awake for awhile, long before the kids, so I didn't really need to go back to sleep, but the thought and effort was really nice.  We did lunch at a new restaurant.  It's name is Esquina and it was AMAZING!  I seriously recommend it.  Even as I sit here typing I'm day dreaming about the left overs in the fridge.  I'll type an actual critique, with pictures, later (tonight hopefully).  It's not often that we get to go out to eat at new places, since we have a tight budget and a child with a severe peanut allergy.  Normally it's just Cici's for us.  This was an awesome change of pace.

Alright, I've gotta get going.  We're heading to the park now.


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