Easter Weekend

I sure hope that everyone else had an amazing Easter weekend.  I know I sure did.  I feel like I spent all of Friday running errands.  We went clothes shopping and to see the cute kitties at the pet store again.  Ben loved them too.  I really want them, but part of me still thinks it's too soon, and I'm not sure Shawn is ready yet either.  While we out and about, I made the decision to chop off all my hair.

I love my new haircut.  

I went to the Good Friday service alone since the Holy Thursday one lasted for 2 hours and I knew that Saturday's was going to be 2 1/2 hours.  I didn't want to push it with the kids.  The service was beautiful and only lasted a little over an hour.

Saturday was a busy day.  We spent the morning getting stuff done around the house to prepare for the rest of the weekend.  In the afternoon, Shawn's family all came out to dye Easter eggs.  

We didn't have long though because very quickly it was time to get ready for dinner and mass.

The girls wore their Easter dresses and Ben looked so cute his pink polo to match the girls.

Mass was extremely long, and it was very warm inside, but it was also very beautiful.  I was so excited and nervous for my baptism.

Sydney yelled through most of the baptism about wanting to be baptized too.  Also, during the Eucharist, she let my mother-in-law know, she wanted some too.  I keep explaining to her that she needs to be older.  Sweet Sydney, is in such a rush to grow up and do everything big people do.

Easter morning, The kids woke up to find some fun baskets and lots of hiding eggs filled with candy.

The kids got some fun new outside toys like kites, bubbles, balls, rocket launcher sling shots, and a bowling set.

We had lunch/dinner with family at Terry's house and the kids had a wonderful time playing outside.

We had a wonderful Easter but a very busy weekend.  How was your Easter weekend?


Sandra said…
What fun, sounds like a great weekend :)

Love your haircut, I sported one similar for many years, but now am back to growing it out LOL

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