The Past Couple Of Weeks

This is a blog post I was working on last week and then my computer died and because of problems with the power cord, this is the first opportunity I've had to post it.

The past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur of busy-ness and sickness.

Last week, was so crazy, across the US and at our house.

Monday, the kids and I had many errands to run so we finally got up, motivated, and out of the house.  We went to the library, the bank, lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the church, Ben's dr, the grocery store, and the pharmacy.

During our errands, we heard the awful news of the bombings in Boston.  My heart immediately began to ache and I found myself reading news sites instead of paying full attention to what I was putting in the grocery cart, etc.

On the trip home my throat was starting to hurt.  By the time we made it home, my body was achy and week, and I just felt awful.  It took everything I had to carry in the groceries and put them away and get a quick dinner started.  I went to bed without any dinner that night.  I hardly slept at all that night due to body aches and chills, and woke up Tuesday feeling even worse.  I drove Ben to school and on the way home picked up some Vicks Cold and Flu and sprite since I couldn't drink water.  The medicine didn't work at all and I couldn't even sip the sprite.

Ben goes to school at an art center and they have a small gallery there.  Last week was the student art fair and each class hosted a reception for the kids families to attend.  Shawn took a little time away from work and even though I was incredibly sick, we both attended.  It was wonderful and I was so proud of him and his great art work.

By Wednesday, I was feeling even worse.  I was so sick, I could hardly even get out of bed.  I was dizzy, hungry, thirsty, cold, achy, my throat hurt something awful, and even worse, I hadn't been able to eat or drink, not even sips since lunch on Monday.  My mom came out and took my to the ER while our friend Torren came over to watch the kids.  After IV fluids, some blood work and an antibiotic prescription, I was diagnosed with strep.  It completely knocked me out.  Thursday, I didn't feel great, but I felt better.  We got up to take Ben to school.  We were running a little late and in a major hurry.  We got into the van and it wouldn't start.  The car battery was so dead I couldn't even get the door to close by pushing the button on the console.  I had no other choice but to call Ben's school and let them know he wouldn't make it.  If we hadn't been running late, I could have called another mom or something to see if they could give Ben a ride.

The girls had been sick and after my strep diagnosis, really needed to go to the doctor.  We had to call Torren after he'd woken up to see if he could come out and jump the van for us, then pray it didn't die again at the kids' doctor across town.  Thankfully it didn't.  Also, Rylie only had a virus, but Sydney was diagnosed with strep as well.

Thursday evenings, I have my class and actually it was my last class so I really couldn't miss it.  We were having people from different groups and ministries around the church speaking to us and playing Jeopardy.  It was a really wonderful class and I was sad for it to be over.  When I left, I looked down at my phone and saw texts from my husband saying that he had gone to the ER and Torren was at home with the kids.  I came home to find out that he had a staph infection on the bottom of his foot at the base of his 2nd toe that was causing streaking and swelling through his foot and ankle.  Seriously!!!  What else could go wrong???  Thankfully we have Torren to help us and be a part of our family.  We don't trust a lot of people with our kids but we do trust him.  He's so good with them and we are so lucky to have him.

Friday was spent laying around and doing nothing but sleep!  Shawn worked pretty late and didn't get home until about 8:00.  Later that night, he went out for a quick grocery trip, and discovered that the van was dead.  Needless to say, Saturday morning, Shawn went out to buy a battery for the van and then we went out to get the boys haircuts and to pick up a present for Ben's friend Kennedy for her birthday.  We all went to the birthday party and had a good time.  The kids really enjoyed themselves.

We came home after the party and did all the cleaning that had been neglected from being sick and busy.  That evening, Shawn's parents came out and we went out to eat and to the art gallery to see Ben's work on display.  It was so cute to see how proud everyone was of him and how shy he gets about it.


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