A Surprisingly Good Day

Days when Shawn leaves are always kind of sad days around our house, especially when it cuts into our weekend.  We try to make the best of it.  I was a little bummed yesterday because we all slept in, and I mean really slept in.  I woke up before the girls at about 11.  When your day is already cut short, you don't want to spend the day sleeping.  Saturday night, it snowed like crazy, so we had some work to do outside.  It was so cold that when the wind blew, any exposed skin (faces) burned so badly so luckily we weren't out long.  I spent some time outside with the kids while Shawn used the snow blower on our walkway, sidewalk, and driveway.  This was Rylie's first experience in the snow this year since she napped through playing outside after the last snow.

We came inside, sat by the fire to warm up, and ate a nice hearty lunch.  Sadly, then it was time to help Shawn pack for his trip.  We had been keeping track of Shawn's flight plans all day since the weather in Chicago was apparently pretty yucky.  I was pulling laundry from the dryer and hanging things that need to hang dry when Shawn got a phone call from the coworker he was supposed to travel with.  Something that hadn't occurred to me, was the streets and such in Chicago.  I was so worried about his flight, that I hadn't thought about school closings and people working from home, or just not going in.  I guess his coworker had gotten word that even if they had made it in, the people they were to meet there may not be available due to the weather, so they decided to cancel the trip.  We got to keep Shawny home!!!  A few hours later, almost 2 hours after his flight was to leave, his flight was cancelled.

We spent that extra time with him, having a wonderful afternoon/evening.  Shawn and Ben built Ben's Lego X-wing that he'd been dying to build since Christmas.  It took almost 3 hours.

While they were building away, I got a phone call saying that Ben's school had been cancelled due to frigid temperatures.  Since school was cancelled, we had a little extra time, so we watched Turbo together.

It was a really cute movie, and a great end to a perfect day.  What a wonderful surprise.


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