The New Year

A new year and the beginning of a new chapter in life.  Things have been crazy here.  Christmas through Mid January is a whirlwind of holidays and family birthdays, ending with Shawn and my anniversary.  Did everyone have a fun and safe New Years?  We sure did.  We live in a college town, so there is lots of partying and drinking here.  We don't like to take the kids out anywhere because we don't want to be on the roads with drunk people so we stayed at home and everyone came to us for a fun little get together.  We ate lots of different dips with chips and crackers and then we sat around and watched episodes of Arrested Development while the kids all played and had a good time.  At midnight, we had champagne or sparkling grape juice, made a toast to a healthy and prosperous new year, and blew noise makers.

Right before midnight, Shawn took the kids with all their noisemakers and hats through the house on a New Years parade.


Right after midnight, we took the kids outside to do some of those fun poppers that shoot confetti out when you pull the string.

It was perfect.  We are homebodies and very into full family events versus adult oriented New Years parties and such.

New Years day consisted of shopping for a dresser for the kids and a toddler bed for Rylie.  We ended up ordering Rylie's bed online, but bought a dresser for the kids at a furniture store here in Lawrence.

We even bought an ottoman for the living room and found a set of couches that we may go back for at the end of the month or beginning of next month.  I'm excited since this will be our first set of not hand me down living room furniture.  The current couch we have is older than I am, isn't very comfortable, and almost every cushion's leather is ripped open.

After shopping and getting the dresser loaded up with the piles of clothes that had been laying on their floor, we decided to watch a movie together, which turned into nap time for some members of the family.

I, for only the second time since Shawn and I have been together, made a delicious New Years ham.

Growing up, the ham was a tradition.  I always remember how delicious it was and eating everything with ham in it for the next week or so.

Sandra, over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, let me know about a fun year long crochet challenge called Crochet Mood Blanket 2014.

I'm trying really hard to do a square a day.  I'm excited to try some new squares, learn new stitches and techniques, and have fun with it all.  Hopefully I can stick to it and not get sidetracked, as I tend to do.  I have my first 4 squares done for the first 4 days using a new square that I also learned from a tutorial Sandra linked to, called the starburst square.  I like it because it's simple and looks clean and beautiful.  I'm still debating on how I'll join it all and what exactly I'm going to do with patterns and stitches.  I'm not using a color guide, I'm just picking whatever color I'm particularly attracted to that day.  I'm sure my colors will change a lot with the season too.

Today was my father-in-law's birthday.  We all got together and ate a yummy taco dinner, watched the Chiefs in the playoffs (a sad loss for us Chiefs fans) and celebrated Andy's birthday.  Poor Rylie slept through the cake.  Don't worry, I got her a yummy piece of cake when she woke up.

Shawn was so excited by the gift we ordered his dad, but it didn't arrive at our house until after we had to leave for the party/game.  Shawn will have to drop it off on his way through town tomorrow afternoon when he heads to the airport.

Tomorrow Shawn leaves on his first trip of 2014.  It's luckily only a one night trip to Chicago, but we'll miss him none the less.

Alright, my husband should be back with groceries from his late night trip to the grocery store that was desperately needed, but also an excuse for him to go out and drive in the snow.  I need to get everything put away.  Goodnight.


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