Whirlwind Update

Oh boy, we have been oh so busy here. There has been work, school, dance, family get togethers, birthdays, an anniversary, and so much more.  That's not including all the prep for what is about to happen for our family.  In the next 4 months, we will have Sydney and Rylie's birthdays, the birth of our new baby, and an out of state wedding we will be attending.  (Yes traveling with a 1 month old... what can I say, we are brave parents.)

Rylie got her big girl bed!!!  More importantly, she is actually sleeping in her big girl bed. Her bed came before the bedding and the wall decals, so for the first few nights she slept with Ben's old crib sheet and Sydney's old crib blanket but she didn't care.

Here she is now that the bed and area have been made her own.  She loves it!  

I finally got the kids school pictures up.  I need to get a more updated one of Rylie.  The kids don't even know who she is, in that picture. 

I worked on my crochet mood blanket.

We enjoyed a nice weather day at the park.

I even let the kids splash in the puddles.  I figured, they were already muddy and wet so why not.

My brother-in-law Chris turned 25.  We always do big family birthday get togethers in this family. My husband even made pancakes for dinner.

Rylie and I enjoy our mornings together while Ben and Sydney are at school.  She loves puzzles and Doc McStuffins.

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Since it fell on a Sunday, Shawn and I went to brunch at a gorgeous and delicious restaurant, and then we went to see The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.  I hate being away from my babies, but it is important to have time with just my husband.  My anniversary gift was a beautiful ring to upgrade from my old wedding ring.  I do still love my original wedding ring and it has a wonderful place in my jewelry box.  I may still wear it from time to time, but I'm also so in love with my new one.

We tried to skip dance class last week, because it was so cold, there is no heat in the van, and the place where Sydney dances is 20-30 minutes away from home.  She would have no part in missing dance, so we got all ready and off we went.

Ben has a new obsession with Legos.  He's so sweet.  Shawn and Ben did the X-wing and Lion tank thing from Legends of Chima together, although that meant Shawn did most of the work.  Ben is learning to follow the instruction booklets and I'm so excited for him.

Shawn has come home two nights in the last week and said "Let's do family movie night!"  I'm so in love with that man.  He always puts the family first.  One night, we watched Robin Hood (the Disney one) and the next night it was Pocahontas.  

I've been doing pretty good keeping up with my crochet mood blanket.  It's coming out really well, and the girls love it.

We had another beautiful day this weekend and spent some time out playing in the yard.

Ben is hoping to play T-ball this summer, so we are trying to get him ready.  He wanted to give up when he was having a hard time, but I'm glad he stuck with trying because after a little bit he learned to catch pretty well, and that it's ok if you can't catch them all but that you need to hustle and don't get discouraged.  He decided that he really liked it.

Lastly, here's my blanket as it sits now.  Lots of colors and beauty.  I just love looking at it.  I can't wait to see it in another month, the month after that, and so on.


Sandra said…
I love all your pictures, you have such a beautiful family :)

And your blanket looks just gorgeous, love your colors.

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