Sweet Baby Scotland Paige

One week ago, Wednesday, April 16th, we welcomed our sweet little baby girl into the world.

I'd like to introduce you to our amazing little bundle of love and joy, Scotland Paige Tiemann.

I went in for a normal scheduled c-section.  There were only a few minor hiccups during the process but nothing too awful, like last time.

The morning started out super early on barely any sleep and with two nervous parents.  Here's my last baby bump picture.

As soon as I got changed into my gown, they got my iv started and hooked me up to all the fun monitors.

While this was happening...

Finally after a very long feeling almost two hours, I walked back to the OR where they attempted to start my spinal.  It took 4 extremely painful tries before actually getting it to work.  Finally, I was all ready and in came Shawn with the camera.

It didn't take but a few minutes and at 8:37 am, there she was.  My biggest baby at 7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long.

She peed on the pediatrician, which was kind of funny even though it happens all the time to the poor guy.  (She pees on us a lot during diaper changes too.)  At this point a nurse took over with the camera, and she got some really great pictures.

Shawn cutting the cord.

Shawn putting on her first diaper.

Proud Daddy!

And then I got to meet her officially for the first time.

Apparently at some point during the process of getting her out I got a pretty decent tear on my stomach from the skin being stretchy and thin from four pregnancies and c-sections.  Can we say ouch?!  The pain from that is worse than the pain from the incision now.  Also, I got a little nauseous in the OR, which further delayed my getting to eat or drink anything that wasn't clear (water, ice chips, juice, or sprite).

Finally, we were off to recovery.

Not long after coming out of recovery and going to the room, Shawn's dad brought up the kids so they could meet their baby sister.

We had lots of visitors over those few days.  Shawn's parents, our friend Terry, my sister-in-law and her two kids, our good friend Torren (who is our kids God father), my mom, step dad, brother, and sister as well as her three kids and our family friend Cameron.  Shawn brought the kids up Wednesday and Thursday as well as bringing the girls up for breakfast Thursday morning so I could help do the girls hair before Sydney had to be at school.

I even managed to escape the hospital the night before I was supposed to get out.  As wild as my kids and husband are, and as much as they drive me crazy I was so lonely without them.  I cried every night when they left.  I also wanted my bed and to not be woken up every hour or so to take my blood pressure, check my stomach, and ask when the last time I fed Scotland was or when her last dirty diaper was.  We didn't tell the kids so Shawn got Torren to watch them, and came to "visit" so he could pick us up.

The kids were so surprised.  It was really cool.  We've all been loving her up ever since.  There are a lot of fights over wanting to hold the baby.  And the kids have all seemed to catch a cold since we've been home.  Yes, even little Scottie came down with it last night.

I snuck a cute picture of her while she was napping today.

I just love her so much.  She's a great addition to this wild and crazy family.


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