A Lot...

What a week this is... I am stressed beyond belief, but I'm trying to stay relaxed and take as much time for myself and snuggles with the kiddos to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

We found out recently that we will be moving next door.  It's just like the place we are currently living except it has an extra bedroom.  Lord knows, we need the extra bedroom, although the kids are still sleeping in the same rooms.  Ben and Sydney will be sharing a room and Rylie and Scotland will be in the room with Shawn and I for now.  We'll use the downstairs bedrooms as a playroom and office.  I can't wait to have room for the kids in their room, because their toys are elsewhere.  We gave Ben the option of his own room or to share with Sydney.  He wanted his own room, but didn't want to be on a different floor than us, so he's happy to stay with Sydney for now.

I need to get started on packing.  We have so much stuff.  That's what life as a pack rat with 4 kids is, right?  Junk upon junk upon junk...

Tuesday we took Shawn to the airport for his trip to Chicago.  I hate when he leaves.  It makes me feel so lonely, but it's how he supports our family, so it has to happen.  We did get to see something we don't get to see everyday (since we don't live on or near a military base).

It was so neat to us to see it.  I'd have loved watching this giant take off or land.

Tuesday evening, Sydney had her tech rehearsal for dance since the recital is Sunday.

Yesterday, the girls were playing with baby dolls and asking me to help get them dressed in clothes that didn't fit their babies.  I have a bag of baby clothes to give away to my cousin for her baby.  Her baby is growing by the day and soon won't fit these clothes that Scotland has outgrown in her 8 weeks.  I gave Sydney and Rylie a couple of onsies and 2 sleepers with hats for their babies.

We went out to go run an errand and the place that we were going was closed.  Since we were out and had an afternoon with nothing else to do, we went for a walk.  We walked about a mile which isn't a lot but it's something.  After the walk, I let the kids play at the playground for about an hour before coming home so I could put dinner in the oven.

My kids love the swings lately.  Rylie doesn't want to be pushed on the swings but likes to sit on them.

After we came home, I put dinner in the oven and took the kids outside in their swimsuits to play in the hose.

We have these kids across the street that spend so much time running the neighborhood unsupervised.  One of the kids was lingering around while my kids were playing in the hose.  She just stands around.  Sometimes she comes closer but usually she just stands around or rides a bike nearby.  My kids run up and talk to her and try to get her involved but she usually stands off to the side while maybe talking to my kids now and then.  It kind of breaks my heart.  But she's no sadder than her little sister who is maybe 2, riding down the street on a little toy car thing, or the baby who sits outside in an exersaucer unsupervised.  They put the baby in a stroller and push him up and down the street, and sometimes it's just dolls in that stroller.  I can't help but wonder though, where are these kids' parents?

I also have spent some time working on my blanket.

I finished Orange is the New Black season 2 by watching during nap times, while the kids were playing in other rooms, and after the kids went to bed.  I loved it, and the very end gave me chills.

Today is the 6 year anniversary of my Dad's passing.  While usually I'm alright, this day every year, is very difficult.  Shawn, like the last couple of years, is out of town for this day.  I never go a day without thinking about him though.

We spent the entire day, laying around, watching tv, eating junk and playing.  I just didn't feel like doing much else and the kids were more than fine with that.

Tomorrow is super busy.  We have errands to run in the morning and then we pick up Shawn in the afternoon and have Sydney's dress rehearsal in the evening.

Saturday, Ben and Sydney have soccer camp, Ben has a t-ball game, and Ben was invited to two birthday parties.  I feel like he can't really miss either birthday party, but I don't know what to do. I feel like we are overbooked even though the only thing that overlaps really is Sydney's soccer camp and Ben's t-ball game, and that doesn't really over lap even.  One birthday party is right down the street and another is his good friends' birthday party.  Two birthday parties, 3 kids, and I don't know what to do in the way of gifts since I don't know much about any of the kids.  I guess I could just try to find time to go to the toy store downtown and find something there like we have in the past.  Ugh!  So stressful!

Tonight, I'm sitting on the couch, with my feet up, watching trashy reality tv, crocheting a little, and drinking a glass of wine.

I'm lounging around with no makeup up on and my hair isn't even brushed.  It's kind of nice although my face is breaking out like I'm 16 all over again.  Darn hormones.  The hormones are getting to poor Scotland too.  She's got a rough case of baby acne that turns into bunches of big red splotches with heat from being snuggled, held, fed, or just getting warm in general.


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