While I Was Away...

I can't believe my last post, outside of Happy Homemaker Monday, was Mother's Day.  Life has not slowed down here in the Tiemann house hold.  I mean really, I keep hoping for a week where we can just lay around and do nothing.  Yea, right, like that's going to happen.

Ben started t-ball the week following Mother's Day.  I think his coach began as an over achiever, planning 3-4 practices a week.  For kindergartners?  That's insane!  Either way he really seems to like it and now the coach is cutting down to one practice a week and games.  Thank goodness!

The week after Mother's Day was also Sydney's last week of school.  On Tuesday, she went on a field trip to the KU museums which she seemed to enjoy.  On Thursday, her last day, they did a preschool picnic in the park a few blocks from her school.  I dropped her off at school and she walked to the park, while I, with Rylie and Scotland, ran to the grocery store for some lunchables really quickly and met them at the park.

The girls had such a good time playing with their friends they made from Sydney's school.  The experience showed me that I can handle all of my wacky kiddos at the park, even though Ben wasn't there for this.  I know this, because he's easy to watch at the park, being older and all.

Ben and Sydney had their last soccer games of the season.  It was kind of sad because of how much the kids enjoyed it but they are doing soccer camps this summer and will play again in the fall.

In between Sydney's soccer game and Ben's soccer game, Ben had t-ball practice.

In Ben's soccer game, he scored not one but TWO goals.  Shawn and I had one wish for each of our kids this season.  That they each get a goal so they would feel like they achieved something great.  Sydney got hers the week before Ben's and Ben got two in one game.

They got their medals for playing and were so excited!  I put their names and spring 2014 on the backs on pieces of tape so that they can always know what they were for.  I assume there will be many more medals and maybe as they get older and into more competitive sports some trophies.

We even went out to the lake a for a little bit but the kids and I left kind of early because it was chilly.

My husband surprised me with a beautiful windchime.  I love windchimes and beautiful art for the inside or outside of my house.

We've been enjoying our new grill and taking advantage of the days when the weather was nice. Shawn has been doing steaks, chicken, burgers, and brats like crazy, and I'm enjoying it.  The kids are excited to move out of this cramped house into the yard where they can run and play a little more free, even with a small yard.

Scottie loved the bubbles and watching the kids and Maya run around like crazy.

Also, Shawn swears it's not larping if you are playing with your kids.  Haha!

The following week was Ben's last week of school.  On Tuesday, his class had a party and invited all of the parents.  It was a party celebrating our kindergarteners who are going into the first grade.  (I'm getting choked up just as I type about this.  Seriously, my eyes are filling with tears.) It was a hawaiian themed party.  We were supposed to send our kiddos with fruit or cheese.  I sent Ben with pineapple.  The teacher had put together videos full of pictures of the kids in class, to cute songs that were friend themed.  The kids had also learned a song and dance to perform for the parents.  It was so sweet.

Wednesday, Shawn's car broke down on his way to work.  Sadly, it will cost more than the car is worth to fix it, so it's dead...

Thursday, was Ben's last day of school.  It was a short day for school but a long day in every other sense of the word.

My baby is no longer a kindergartener.  He's now a big first grader.  Who knew something so exciting can also seem so sad?

A little after picking Ben up from school, off we went, to the airport.  The airport is a ways from our home, and with checking bags and going through security with children, we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time.

Finally, we were able to board the plane and begin our vacation to Fort Worth, Texas.

I love the picture with Scottie giving me the stink eye.  It's too funny.

Friday, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo.  That zoo was amazing!  I loved it.  So many cool animals and a lot of hands on for the kids.  This is the neat stuff we love to do with the kids whenever we get the chance and it was so fun to experience it with the whole group.  Most of Shawn's side of the family was there.

We all did our best to keep cool and keep out of the sun.  Scotland did it with style.

This was one of my favorite moments of the whole vacation.  Getting all of us together and taking a picture of the whole group.  We may be dysfunctional, but at least we have fun doing it...

That night was Shawn's cousin's rehearsal dinner.  The main reason we went to Fort Worth was for Shawn's cousin, Joe and his fiance, Kayla's wedding.

Our friend, and the kids God father, Torren, did the art work for the glasses that we got at the rehearsal dinner.  It came out really good, not that I'm surprised, because he's an amazing artist. You can always check out his blog to see what he's up to.  I promise, you'll be amazed when you see his work.

I have to tell you, we love Kayla!  The entire family does, and I think for all of us, it was an instant thing.  I remember meeting her for the first time and thinking how awesome she was and how perfect she was for Joe and this whole family.  Joe is an only child technically, but Shawn always considered him more like a brother than cousin, and my kids even call him Uncle Joe.

Saturday was wedding day!

My favorite moment from the wedding day was immediately after the wedding was over, Joe and Kayla got to talk to Joe's dad on the phone.  Joe's dad, Uncle Mike, is the Uncle I've mentioned and prayed for in the past.  He's in jail for reasons I don't feel comfortable airing online, since it's family business.  He is however a very wonderful man who loves his family so much and it was amazing that he was able to talk to his son and new daughter.  I only wish he could have been there.

The day after the wedding, Sunday, we went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  It was so cool and the kids enjoyed it.  In fact, the kids enjoyed it so much, they were running from one thing to the next like they were overloaded with awesome, educational stuff.

A couple of adorable pictures I snapped of my girls.

Monday, Memorial Day, we went to the Stockyards.  There were so many neat shops.  Rylie liked the cowboys on horses or the horse drawn carriages all over.  She loves horses.

There is a cute little bar type place down there.  We were able to go there, get cheap wine-a-ritas and take them with us to go.  Morgan took this picture of the two of us, and I love it.  She's so much fun to spend time with.

This year, Memorial Day, just so happened to also be my mother and father-in-law's 30 year wedding anniversary.  They really are an amazing couple and team, and I love and respect them, and try to always take their advice on Shawn and my relationship.

Sadly, the next day, it was time to go home.  I wasn't ready.  I was enjoying Shawn not having to work, us being able to spend quality family time together, doing fun stuff, staying in a hotel where I didn't have to clean, and big breakfasts.  I did miss home cooked dinners though.  I'm so over fast food after this trip.

Ben and Shawn sat behind us on the plane so I was not able to get pictures of them on the way home.

We came home from vacation and rushed right back into our crazy lives.  Wednesday, Shawn went back to work and Ben had t-ball practice.

Friday, we ran all over creation to get Ben's t-ball stuff (helmet, pants, belt, socks, hat, etc) and then Sydney and Shawn had daddy daughter dance practice.

Saturday was Ben's first t-ball game.  He's really pretty good at it.  I'm definitely a proud momma. Let's face it though.  I'd be proud even if he was awful.  He's out there, giving it an honest try, and enjoying himself.

Sunday, we went to Shawn's parents' house and went swimming.  Yes, I make my kids wear life jackets in or near the pool. Ben can swim fairly well, and I allow him to do that but because he can't touch, when we play catch and stuff in the pool he has to wear the life jacket.  Sydney is a decent swimmer as well, but can't swim without a lifejacket unless someone is working with her specifically.  Rylie, has to wear hers anywhere on the deck.  It's just better safe than sorry.

Scotland is such a Daddy's girl, which is adorable.  None of the other kids, at this point, really noticed anyone other than Mommy (the milk maker) and she loves the kids and of course Dad. She just smiles and smiles at him.

Yesterday, was a day for a very small breather.  Shawn worked from home and I got a small chance to crochet.

I hope to get more crochet in tomorrow since today was busy busy busy.  We took Shawn to the airport, Torren watched the big kids while Scotland and I went to my doctors appointment, and we took Sydney to her dance class.  Tomorrow, all I need to do is a little kitchen clean up and folding some laundry.  The kids also need to clean their room, but hopefully this allows time for some fun stuff, including my crochet.

Soccer starts back up in a week and a half, and also in a week and a half, Sydney has her dance recital.  Don't worry, she's off for two weeks before replacing her dance class time with Blastball and then before long there will be dance camp and then dance classes starting again.  Yup, life won't be slowing down anytime soon for us.  While I'm completely exhausted, I do enjoy it. Everything Shawn and I do is for the kids in one way or another.

Alright, it's late.  I was staying up to keep an eye on the storms and radar, since there was a potential tornado threat here, but it looks like the risk is mostly gone.  I'm going to take my butt to bed.  Hopefully I can get some sleep.


Mindy Gauthier said…
Hi Liz!
Great to see another busy and fun post from you. You definitely put your family first and I can totally relate to that even now when my kids are getting so grown up. My son graduates from high school this Friday! Seeing your son's picture from kindergarten makes me happy and sad - it really does go by so quickly. I put up a first day of kindergarten pic and last day of high school pic on my Facebook page last week and it really hit home, for me, as to how fast it all flies by! Keep enjoying your time with your husband and kids - make memories - and keep taking pics!! They are so important.
Take Care,
p.s. if you want to follow me on facebook my page is Mindy Eolin Gauthier, I get to see so many of your pictures, you can check out some of mine!

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