A Quick Post From an Insane Weekend

First, I need someone, anyone to lie and tell me this is as crazy as life gets.  I'm exhausted and it's only noon on Saturday.  Ben and Sydney are one of Ben's friend's birthday parties down the street. Rylie is asleep on the couch and Scotland is sitting in her bouncy chair happy as clam. (That's how the saying goes, right?)  Scottie and I are sitting outside on the front patio, relaxing.

This morning we have already had soccer camp for Ben.

Sydney's soccer camp.

And Ben's t-ball game.

And after this birthday party is over we have to run out and get another gift bag for the next birthday party Ben's going to attend in a couple of hours.

Last night, we had Sydney's dress rehearsal for her dance recital that is tomorrow afternoon.

Shawn and Sydney are in the Daddy Daughter Dance together, as is Shawn's brother and his daughter Langston.  It's so cute for them to do that dance together.

I need another vacation!!!  Instead, I get to start packing for our big move next door.

Shawn's father's day gift came today, and I'm not good with keeping surprises.  I'm every bit as bad as the kids, but so is Shawn, honestly.  Because his parents were here from watching Ben's t-ball game, I told him to open in now.  Sandra, over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, purchased a birthday present for her husband from this awesome website, which introduced me to it when she posted about it.  I couldn't not use this awesome place for a father's day gift.  Man Crates is the coolest gift place for the hard to by for men in your life.  I let the kids pick which crate they wanted to get him and they both decided that Daddy drinks more beer during a Chiefs football season that KU basketball or Royals baseball, so that's what he needed.

I think he really liked it, which is nice, since he's so hard to shop for.  How do you shop for someone who never wants anything, and when he does, he just buys it?

Well, Shawn just called me.  He sold the old Sunfire to the mechanic that has it on their lot.  It's going to cost more than the car is worth to fix it, and to tow it somewhere, isn't really worth it either...  I told him I wasn't sad about it, but now, I'm a little sad.  Not sad enough to not sell it, but sad.  My Dad taught me how to drive a stick shift in it.  It was my car for so many years.  I bought it in 2004 with the money I received from the wreck of my first car.  We used it to commute to and from KU every day and then after we moved to Lawrence we used it to commute to Kansas City.  It drove us everywhere with Ben and Sydney as babies. What a good car it was.

Alright, it's time to turn off my Jimmy Buffet that I've been playing and go pick up Ben and Sydney from this birthday party, run to the store and then take Ben to the next birthday party. Wish me luck, to keep my sanity, during this insane weekend.  Hopefully next week is more relaxed.



Mindy Gauthier said…
Oh My, that was a super busy weekend! And now it's Monday - so there you go :)you survived and made great memories! It may not be that busy again for a while, but now you know you can handle it. Sounds like you have great kids and that they are able to go with the flow, which is very helpful when there are so many activities going on. Good luck with the move, the extra space will be a blessing I am sure! Keep up with you blog and documenting all the great things you and your husband do with the kids, you will look back on it someday and be so grateful for the memories and the pictures.
Have a great week Liz!
Sandra said…
I'm exhausted after reading about your day, seriously girl, relax LOL

Glad Shawn enjoyed the man crate, they really are cute gifts. And don't even ask about what to shop for hubby, I have the same exact problem with mine, it's quite irritating when I need to buy him a gift cause I never know what to get LOL

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