Irish Fest

Ok, we are a family that likes to get out in our city and cities close to us, and do what activities there are when we get the chance.  My husband is Irish and German, and I'm Scottish and Danish.  When I heard on the radio that Irish Fest was coming, I decided it was something we should really do.  As I hope to do with the Highland games next Junish and Oktoberfest.  The kids need to experience some of their heritage.  Shawn's sister Kelly, her boyfriend Adam, and Shawn's parents, Andy and Julie went with us.

Who doesn't love a good festival?  I sure do!  Fun little shops, yummy food, and lots of music.  That's definitely what we got at Irish Fest.  Words out, they had a place for the kids, with rides and face painting, but we never even made it over there.  Also, we love a little good people watching for fun, and festivals bring out all kinds...

Our day started way to early...  Yes, the kids are asleep on my bedroom floor in this picture.  Truth is, when Shawn's out of town, this is where they sleep.  Shawn was out of town Wednesday night and didn't get back until after the kids had gone to bed on Thursday.  Friday we were out until late, so we didn't move all of their stuff back to their beds.  We just put them in their spots on the floor.  Did I mention how difficult it is to carry such big kids up the stairs and get them ready for bed in their sleep?

Soccer season for the kiddos has officially started.  from 8:45-11:00 every Saturday morning, this is where we will be for the next few weeks.

We came home from soccer and fed the kids a great lunch of sandwiches, mixed fruit, carrot sticks, and smart pop popcorn.  Yummy and healthy, double bonus.

After some resting, and a little house work, off we went for Irish Fest.

As soon as we got there we decided we were hungry and wanted to scope out the food situation.  Of course there was traditional carny food and giant turkey legs but there was also fish and chips, bangers and mash, cabbage and potatoes, etc. The kids ate burgers, since they aren't adventurous.  I got bangers and mash and Shawn got haggis and mash.

I've had haggis before at a highland festival years ago, and loved it, but Shawn never had so he ordered it and enjoyed it.  Sounds gross, but really is delicious.  We sat on the curb, ate our delicious food, and watched all of the people around us.

We were in the presence of the almighty green ranger.

Most of the alcohol there was Irish alcohol... you know Guinness, Jameson, Bailey's...

I enjoyed a few glasses of Bailey's, which left Shawn and I quoting Old Gregg for the rest of the evening.

If you've never heard of Old Gregg, you should look it up.  It's a skit from The Mighty Boosh.  I'll take the work out of it for you.  Here's a video of Old Gregg:

I must say my Bailey's was delicious, and "creamy."

It was so hot out there, we were all sweating like crazy.  That didn't stop us from having a good time though.

I don't know what Back to the Future has to do with Irish Fest, but it was pretty cool!

Just a fun little Kansas City information tidbit, Kansas City is known for it's fountains. It's actually called The City of Fountains Kansas City.  It has over 250 fountains and is rumored to have more fountains that Rome.  I actually am hoping to do a tour of the fountains in Kansas City soon to document some of them.  Fountains are one of my favorite things, I don't know why.

Did you know that fountains were originally put places to provide water for horses, birds, and dogs?

Back to where I was going with this.  Irish Fest was at Crown Center and there are several fountains in the square where the festival was held.  Some of them were dyed green, as there are on St. Patrick's Day.

Being home of the Kansas City Chiefs who have die hard fans, they dye some fountains around town red for Red Friday for the season opener.  Pretty neat if you ask me.

We did some shopping.  Shawn and I both got rings, I got a keychain with my maiden name Kerr on it, Shawn got a Dropkick Murphys t-shirt, and we got some CDs.

After shopping, we listened to some music, got ice cream, and danced.

We really enjoyed this band!  Their name was Flannigan's Right Hook.

I love the building behind the stage.  The Marriott is all lit up and the building my sister and I as kids called the Spooky Doghouse is all lit up on top.  I love it!

Before leaving we of course grabbed some kettle corn and walked the long walk back to the car.  So much fun!

What a hot, yet perfect day we had!!!


Rachel said…
I think my life has been forever changed after seeing that Old Gregg video.

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