My Babies Are All Growing Up

Everyday, I look at my babies and realize that they are growing so fast.  Every blink, I swear they grow an inch.  

Before I get into all the craziness that has been going on here this week, I've done some digging through pictures to compare all the kids at each age.

Ben is in First grade!!!   Can you believe it?  First grade.  He plays soccer and baseball, and is about to start marathon club.  He's really good at math but his favorite subject in school is science, especially stuff about space.  He loves video games, superheroes, and legos. 

Here's Ben, when he was about the same age as Scotland is:

Here's Ben, when he was about the same age as Rylie is:

Here's Ben, when he was about the same age as Sydney is:

Here's Ben now:

Sydney just started her 2nd and final year of preschool.  She plays soccer, baseball, and dances.  She loves anything girly, hair, jewelry, makeup, nail painting, etc. She's very into the movies Frozen and The Pirate Fairy.  She loves playing Barbies with her sister.

Here's Sydney, when she was about the same age as Scotland is:

Here's Sydney, when she was about the same age as Rylie is:

Here's Sydney now:

Rylie is 2 1/2 and full of spunk.  She's definitely my free spirit.  She enjoys running off and anything Frozen.  She loves playing with Barbies, especially the Anna and Elsa ones that go everywhere with us lately.

Here's Rylie when she was Scotland's age:

Here's Rylie now:

Scotland is 4 1/2 months old.  She loves her exersaucer and her squeaky giraffe.  She rolls over and scoots in circles and backwards all over the place.  She loves watching and playing with her big brother and sisters.

See what I mean though?  They are all growing up so fast!  It's amazing how quickly time seems to fly by.  Right now, my kids are 4 months, 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years, but before I know it, in blink, a breath, or a heart beat, I'm afraid I'll be sending them off to college.

Sydney started her second year of preschool on Tuesday.  She has the same teachers as last year, which is good since she doesn't do change so well.  Next year, she goes to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a big change, because it's full day everyday.  For now, we are embracing preschool full on.

Rylie has wanted her ears pierced for months.  We've been trying but just couldn't make it happen. Finally, Tuesday afternoon we were able to make it out to Claire's to get it done.  She was so brave, and didn't cry, whimper, or whine.  She barely even made a face.  

I've been working hard on stuff for Ben's birthday party that is a week from Saturday.  It is Lego themed and I'm having troubles finding decorations so I'm making my own.  I'm working on them in the living room while the kids play in the play room and I get caught up on Sons of Anarchy.  Torren loaned me his blu-ray of the latest season to get caught up since the new season starts soon.  

While we wait for Ben to get out of school, sometimes the girls take dolls and toys to entertain themselves.  Today was no exception.  Anna and Elsa went with us and the girls found a nice spot in the shade next to a giant rose bush for some fun play.

Now, as I sit here typing this, Ben is doing his homework for school, at the table next to me. 

We're getting ready to go out to dinner and to swim at my in-laws house.  It is 97 degrees today and will be cooling off drastically.  The next couple of days are supposed to be 50s-70s.  I'm actually kind of excited.  Sshhhhh don't tell anyone.  


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