50 Things That Make Me Happy

Lately, I've found myself saying I miss how things were two years ago or how much less stressful things were in the past.  My husband is always telling me "These are the best moments of our lives." I know it's true, but sometimes with everything going on in our day to day lives, it's easy to forget.  For that exact reason, I decided to join up to Percy and Grace and list 50 things that make me happy.  I'm also including pictures for many of my favorite things.

50 Things That Make Me Happy
(These aren't really in any order)
1. Ben

2. Sydney

3. Rylie

4. Scotland

5. Shawn

6. Family
7. Friends
8. Making new friends
9. My nieces and nephews
10. Going out to eat
11. Trashy reality tv
12. Game of Thrones
13. Getting sleep
14. My camera
15. Crocheting

16. Maya (our family dog)

17. Harley Quinn (our family cat)

18. Going on family adventures/vacations/holidays
19. Photographs
20. Shopping
21. Baby and Children clothing
22. My iPad
23. My iPhone
24. Pedicures

25. Girly Movies
26. Anything England
27. Music
28. Comfy Furniture for lounging

29. Amish

30. A beautiful made bed
31. Blogging
32. A clean house
33. Yummy food

34. Fun home decor

35. Christmas

36. Swimming

37. Flowers

38. Cooking

39. Spending time outside

40. Being at the beach or the lake

41. Sewing

42. Baby giggles
43. Hugs and Kisses from my kiddos
44. Enjoying a good book

45. Getting comments or views my blog
46. Coffee

47. Snuggles
48. Reading other peoples blogs or watching their vlogs
49. Pinterest
50.  Facebook and Instagram


Louise B said…
Lovely post and love that you included all the lovely photos too! x
Percy and Grace said…
Great choices. Your children are beautiful.

Rebecca x x

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