Week Of Insanity

Ever feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day?  I do! I do! I do!  This week was Sydney's last week of school, Ben's next to last week of school, and Shawn has been out of town for business. I don't even know where to begin, so I guess, I'll start with this last weekend.

Saturday, the kids all had soccer.  Before soccer we went to the Farmer's Market and even ate breakfast there.

Our soccer Saturdays start incredibly early. Sydney's starts at 9 am which means that we have to be ready and there by 8:45.  My husband, myself, and our four children, have to be completely dressed, fed, packed up, and ready to go.  Three of those children have to be in their jerseys or shirts, shorts, shin guards, socks, and cleats.  Immediately following Sydney's soccer is Rylie's at 10:00 and then Ben was at noon.  My in-laws and niece came out to watch the kids play and cheer them on, so that was nice.

After soccer was Ben's end of the season party.  Shawn took all of the kids, including my niece so that I could take his parents downtown for a little mother's day shopping.  She didn't end up wanting anything because she thought it was all too expensive.  I ended up going back the next day and picking up one of the pandora clips she had been eyeing for a while.  I can't believe my husband willingly took all 5 kids to Cici's pizza for a pizza party and games.  He's such a good guy.

That evening, my sister-in-law Kelly, her boyfriend Adam, and our good friend Torren came over. Shawn went out to pick up my Mother's day gift.  I already knew what it was because he had asked me if I wanted it, or wanted to keep looking.  We'd been wanting a swing for the front porch for a while and he really found a great one.  He spent a good chunk of the evening putting it together.

He also bought me two ferns.  I really should say he bought us the ferns and swing, because they were both for all of us.  Isn't that the best kind of gift though? Something we all can enjoy.  After the swing was put together, we all spent the evening, eating pizza, and playing Smash Bros on the Wii U.

Sunday was Mother's day. My wonderful husband brought the kids all downstairs, and had them making mother's day cards while he made pancakes and eggs. I came downstairs, after watching Grey's Anatomy from the DVR, just in time for breakfast.

After breakfast, the kids got dressed, my husband and I laid on the couch watching videos, and then we moseyed to Kansas City for a BBQ.  It was nice to relax and have a nice time talking and the kids playing.

For Mother's day, Shawn gave me a beautiful card, and got me the porch swing, two ferns, and a hanging flowered plant.  All of the kids made me cards, Sydney made me a scarf at school, and Ben gave me magnets with famous works of art including one of his very own art works.  What great gifts!

Ben also filled out a worksheet about me.

In case you can't read it or don't understand his answers they are:
My mom is special because She does laundry
I like it when my Mom Does hugs
My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at running.
My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by cis (he says this is kisses but he didn't know how to spell it.)
My Mom is as pretty as a flower
My Mom is smart! She even knows School

I don't know if he's serious or trolling me, but he's a cutie either way.

Monday, was a typical Monday.  I took Ben to school bright and early. It was R for Radical Rainbow day for the first grade at his school.   He was to wear his favorite color of the rainbow.  He wore blue shorts and a red shirt since those are both of his favorite colors. Sydney had dance Monday evening. While I took her, Shawn stayed at home with the kids.  As soon as I got home, he left for basketball. I fixed some savory beef and noodles for dinner.  Shawn was only a little late for dinner.  After eating, we got the kids in pjs and in their beds fast asleep.

Tuesday, we got up, and got Ben to school.  It was S for Sunglasses and Show and Tell day.  He took two of his Skylanders to school for show and tell.  Sydney had a field trip to the Natural History museum that morning and we spent the entire morning fighting over her wearing shoes and jeans not flip flops and a dress, since it was chilly and she'd be doing a lot of walking.  With all of the fighting and crying going on, I forgot to have Ben take his sunglasses, so Shawn ran those up to the school so he'd have them.  I took Sydney to her school and we waited with her until the class left towards the busses.  I couldn't really tag along easily with Rylie and Scotland in tow.  Maybe next year when it's Rylie's turn.  Shawn left to the airport, for a trip to Boston, while we were taking Sydney to school. While Sydney was at school, the little girls and I went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries, hair bows, and new underwear for Rylie.  We managed to find a really nice soft cooler that is perfect sized for a picnic for the entire family.  I was so excited about that.  We ran the groceries back home and then hurried to Sydney's school to pick her up.  Sydney seemed to have an awesome time.  When I picked Ben up from school, he wanted me to come look at the chicks that had hatched.  They were so cute.

That evening we didn't have anything going on, thankfully.  We cooked frozen pizzas, ate them in the living room and watched Paddington.  We loved Paddington.  Scotland seemed to really like it as well.  This was really the first movie I've actually seen her engaged in.

When the movie was over, we picked up the downstairs, ate popsicles outside, and headed up to bed.

While Shawn's out of town, the kids camp out on my floor at the foot of my bed, with their pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.  We just and lock the bedroom door, and sleep with the TV on.  I call it cocooned in. We Facetimed with Shawn and then the kids and I feel asleep.

Wednesday was T for Tongue Twisters and Thank Yous day for Ben and the rest of the first grade class.  They read a story and wrote tongue twisters, and wrote thank you notes for their teachers.  We were supposed to have a playdate with Ben's friend Jonah and his little sister Emery. Their mom ended up having to work so the playdate was postponed until the next day.  That evening, Ben's soccer practice was also cancelled due to rain.  We just ordered in some Jason's Deli, watched a little TV, and lounged around all night. We Facetimed with my mother-in-law and Shawn before going to bed.

Thursday it rained.  It was such a mess.  The letter of the day was U and it was USA day for the first grade class.  They were supposed to wear red, white, or blue (Ben wore red) and they would be doing activities to celebrate our country. We got Ben off to school and when we got home we immediately started packing food for Sydney's class picnic.  Even though it was raining we still wanted to be prepared even though we didn't know what plan B was. It turned out plan B was a somewhat normal day of school with a picnic on the stage for the students and their families.  While Syd was in class, we walked down to the coffee shop, got a coffee for me and a muffin for Rylie and Scotland to split and walked back to the school.  We sat in the hallway, eating the muffin, reading, chit chatting, and playing while we waited for the picnic. When it was time for the picnic we followed the class down to the stage where they sat out several blankets and passed out birthday cupcakes.  Everyone got out their food and ate while everyone socialized.  It was complete chaos but a really good time.  It makes sad that Sydney is done with preschool.  I just love that school and while I'm sure the other classes teachers are great, the ones Sydney has had, and Ben had, are amazing!  They are just wonderful people and I'm thankful that Rylie will probably have them for the next two years and then Scottie for two years after that. After the picnic we said our goodbyes, shed some tears, collected Sydney's art work, checked out the chicks in her classroom, and then headed home.  On the way out, the girls took a few minutes to play on the piano in the school lobby and then to run around and splash in puddles out in front of the school with friends.

After we picked Ben up from school we came home long enough for Ben to change his clothes before heading to our playdate at Laugh Out Loud.  While we were home, one of our neighbors' dogs came down.  She came after them, as one was trying to get in the car.  Long story short, one of her very large dogs peed on our tomato plant that is in a pot at the end of the sidewalk next to our driveway. I was so upset.  I said "Really? Are you kidding me?" and she looked at her dog, leaned towards him and said "show some respect." and then walked off.  She didn't try to stop her dog or anything.  I was so angry!

We went to Laugh Out Loud and played there for probably almost 3 hours.  The kids just love it and really had a good time with their friends.  I enjoyed talking to their mom for a little bit.  Adult conversation is really nice, especially when your husband is out and you maybe get 15 minutes during a family Facetime session.

We came home and I made yummy chicken quesadillas with rice and beans, then upstairs we went. Shawn was on his flight home so we weren't able to Facetime before the kids went to bed.  I let the kids sleep on the floor again since Shawn wasn't home by bed time. I'm not even really sure what time he got home since I was asleep at the time.

Friday morning, we got Ben up for school and checked the weather.  They were supposed to have field day the week before but it was postponed because of weather. The reschedule date was here and it looked like it was supposed to rain again.  The school emailed telling us to send the kids with a change of clothes and shoes for after field day and that it was still on.  It was also V for Video day for the first grade class.  Shawn stayed with the girls while I went to pick Ben up from school.  It's always nice when he does that.  Ben said he had a fun day at school but he was excited to see his dad since he hadn't yet.  Shawn was still asleep when I took Ben to school.

Friday evening at 5:30 is Daddy Daughter Dance class for Sydney and Shawn. After they were done, they watched our niece Leigha, while Shawn's brother does his Daddy Daughter Dance class with our other niece Langston.  When they were home, Torren met us here and we went out to eat all together.

Saturday morning, started the soccer process all over again. Sydney was at 9, Rylie at 10, and this week Ben was at 2.  It was the last week so they all got medals at the end.

After soccer, Torren came over, we got the kids ready and hurried to Kansas City for our friend Buck's graduation party.  He had just gotten his masters in engineering.  The weather was rough and there was potential for some really nasty storms and tornadoes so instead of driving home through it all, we waited out the storm with my husband's family.  When there was a big enough break in the storm we did the drive back home, put the sleeping kids in their beds, and sat down for a movie.  I'm not a big scary movie fan.  I can watch things like The Exorcist and The Conjuring with only slight heebie jeebies but things that could potentially happen, like Halloween scare the crap out of me.  I really don't like it, especially with Shawn traveling for work and me being home with the kids alone.  Torren said I owed him for all the Real Housewives, Bridget Jones, and Pretty Woman I've made him watch.  He had a movie he's been wanting me to watch called High Tension, and I finally gave in.  I think I watched most of the movie through my shirt.  It terrified me until sort of the end when the twist came.  I felt more relaxed after that but now I can't stop thinking about what must have really happened during the movie. Shawn and I ended up going to bed super late.

Today, Shawn went to the baseball game with a few of his friends. Since his parents were also at the game, the kids and I just hung out at home.  We watched Planes, which we hadn't seen before, and then went out to eat at Mi Ranchito.  Yum!  After we ate, we went for a little drive.  We'd been getting so much rain I wanted to have a look at the river so we drove over to have a look.  It was so beautiful down there.  If it weren't so muddy it might have been nice to have a picnic near the river.

Shawn just got home not too long ago and got straight to work on mowing the lawn.  I've got some picking up, dishes, and diapers to do.  I think since we've had a long weekend we're just going to grab some Chipotle for dinner and maybe watch a movie as a family before going to bed.  I did tell the kids we'd watch the Never Beast.  We still have yet to see that, but honestly, we've been so busy TV has taken a backseat.  Maybe after the kids go to bed, Shawn and I can watch our Game of Thrones, and then more Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  That show is hysterical.

This week is Ben's last week of school!!!  Tuesday he has a field trip to a play and an extra recess and both Wednesday and Thursday are half days.  Wednesdays usually are half days, but he gets out even earlier on Thursday and then is off on Friday.  I can't believe that Thursday afternoon, my baby boy will be a big old second grader! I also can't believe that as of last Thursday afternoon, Sydney is a kindergartener and Rylie is a preschooler.  Next year is going to be so different and so weird, but as they grow, new adventures begin.


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