Happy Homemaker Monday

I know, it's sort of late in the day, but I'm finally getting back to my blog, and boy did I have plenty to catch up on.

The weather:::
It's so hot! High 90s all week long. I'm not looking forward to working on the yard today, or the kids' baseball and softball practices this evening.

Right now I am:::
Sitting at the kitchen counter, thinking about cleaning up from lunch and moving laundry around.

On my reading pile:::
Currently I'm reading The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg. I just finished Into The Water by Paula Hawkins which was amazing!

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
We watched Wonder Woman Saturday night, but that's about it.  We spent the rest of the weekend, at Syd's softball game, the farmers market, helping our friend with his boat at the lake, swimming, and doing yard work.

On my TV:::
Nothing currently but later I am hoping to catch the Amelia Earhart documentary, that I recorded on my DVR, at some point.

On the menu for this week:::
I don't have a lot planned. I'm working on it....

One pot Cheesy taco pasta
Grilled chicken and veggies
lasagne and salad

On my to do list:::
Pick up the kitchen (Ben will do dishes and Sydney will vacuum it)
Finish laundry - Syd's sheets are in the dryer and I have a load to move to the dryer and one more load to wash
Figure out tonight's dinner
Ben's baseball practice at 5:30
Syd's softball practice at 7:00
Have Rylie and Scottie pick up their toys so they can play at the park while the kids have practice.
Sit down and read for a minute or two.
Help Shawn spread mulch in flower beds and attempt to weed the other two we have left to take care of.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I haven't had time to work on any of it lately and I've been longing for my yarn and crochet hooks. Maybe I'll pick back up my blanket this week.

Looking around the house:::
The house could use some picking up but it's really not too bad. The kids are loudly all playing with toys in the living room and the TV is blaring the Disney Channel. Nobody is even watching though so I could turn it off. I love how they all play together, sometimes they even get along. 

From the camera:::
My birthday isn't for another 8 days yet, but my husband got me my present early. I've wanted a bistro set for this corner since we put the offer in on our house. I love it over there. You can't tell as well from this picture but this corner is sort of hidden by the trees. I'm super in love.

What I'm wearing today:::
I'm wearing a pair of work out shorts and a navy blue t-shirt. I may change in a bit but I may not also...

One of my simple pleasures:::
Watching my kids use their imaginations while playing.

Inspirational Quote, Bible verse, anything you want to share:::


Sandra said…
YAY so glad to see you back :) I've just been loving being back on my blog, it's grounding me in a sort of way, if that even makes sense?

Love your bistro set and your quiet corner, that is so sweet of your hubby. I know you'll have many hours quietly sitting there enjoying the fresh air.

I need to read some of these books you are reading, you always have such an interesting list going.

Hope you all have a really good week :)

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