Busy Busy Busy

This week has been really busy between all of our errands and our crazy work schedules.  I think our letter of the week will be postponed this week since we have yet to even start learning the letter B and it's already Wednesday.  We've started a new schedule in the house, where we get more done during the week so the weekend is more relaxing.  Obviously the work schedules are staying the same.  Shawn still works from 8ish to 5 and I still work from 5 to 9 unless Shawn gets off of work early for some reason or if he has to work late his mom is sometimes able to come out in the afternoon and watch Ben so I can go to work early and be done.  It's nice when she does this because Ben loves his Granny time and I like to be done with work early.

Because I work so late, it's often easier just to pick up food on the way home from work, but with Ben's peanut allergy, it really limits us to where we can go.  This gets expensive quick, it's not real healthy, and we get so burnt out so fast because we have about 5 restaurants that we use over and over.  We are trying to make better eating habits for our family and become healthier all around so I've decided that no matter how tired I am when I come home from work I need to make dinner.  I've done pretty good so far for the past week and a half now.  I've cooked every night, even if it's something small like mac and cheese and mini corn dogs. (I wasn't hungry that night and Shawn wasn't really hungry so I let pick one of  his favorites.)

Shawn has also started going to the gym.  Trying to find time for that was difficult so we've worked out a system.  Right now our schedule is as follows:

8 - 5: Shawn's at work
5 - 9: I'm at work
9:15ish: I get home
9:15 - 9:30ish: Shawn goes to the gym and I start fixing dinner, and get laundry going.  (wash 1 load of darks every night and 1 load of whites every other night)
10:30 - 11:00: Shawn comes home and we eat.  (He throws in his gym clothes when he gets home and starts the washer which I already have the soap in and everything set and ready to go.)
After dinner: do dishes, move laundry to dryer and do our chore for the evening (2 nights a week we vacuum the stairs, living room, and hall, and sweep the kitchen and 2 nights a week we clean the hall bathroom)
After chores:  We get bathing done and head to bed.

This schedule leads to late nights, but Ben and I usually get to sleep in until 9:30 or 10 in the mornings.  This works well unless I need the car for some reason during the morning because then we have to get up early and drive Shawn to work.  Life with one car can be hectic.  Today, Shawn bought me a nice coffee on the way to drop him off.  Thank goodness!

While Shawn's at work is when the laundry gets folded and crafts with Ben get done.  Ben and I also do dishes as we cook and eat our meals through out the day and we clean up all of his toys in the living room maybe 5 times a day.  Shawn normally gives Ben a big play bath while I'm at work in the evening.  Also, we've decided to change our library days to weekends so Shawn can go and enjoy the fun too.

On the weekends, we do all the normal dishes and laundry stuff, but both the bathrooms get cleaned, all the floors get vacuumed and the kitchen floor gets swept and mopped.  It's amazing when you keep up on it all how little time it takes.  I love it.  This is all our attempt and keeping up on things and getting in a routine so when the baby comes we won't be as overwhelmed.  I know people are laughing right now and calling us naive but I really think it will help if we have a routine already as a habit when the baby comes in less than 8 weeks.

Ben likes to help get things done.  Last night he actually got to really help make dinner.  We did Sweet and Sour Pork Chops.  He really liked helping and it made me realize just how big he is getting.


Tonight, Shawn has to work a late and so Julie (Shawn's mom) will be coming out to spend the afternoon with Ben while I go to work.  This will hopefully make tonight a nice early night for us. 

How do all you other mom's make your life work?  I mean between family time, work, house work, etc, how do you make sure it all gets done?  If you don't get everything done, what seems to be neglected the most?


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