Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Sorry, I seem to be running a little late on that.  We brought in the new year at a friend's house.  Ben didn't make it until midnight, which really surprised me since he's sort of a night owl and had a nap in the evening.  He only missed it by about 20 minutes.

This year, I've decided my resolution is to organize myself and my home, and declutter my life.  It's insane how much junk I have collected.  I've started keeping 2 planners.  One is for work and one is for home.  I need to keep those two parts of my life separate to keep the stress down in my life anyway.  I'm also making a calendar for our crafts and lessons for the week, as well as planning menus for the week for our family dinners.  I think this should hopefully keep things less stressful once the baby gets here also. 

We scheduled the C-section for March 9th.  I'm so excited.  That means 9 weeks and 1 day from today, our new baby will be here.  I'm also stressing because I'm not even close to ready for the baby to be here.  I need to get my rear in gear.  The date works out well for me because I have a little bit of OCD.  It's nothing crazy or extreme, but if possible I love to do things in multiples of 3.  The baby being born on 3/9 will fit in my OCD and I often find my lucky numbers being 3 and 9.

Friday night, Shawn and I went on our very first date since Ben has been born.  Yup, that's over 2 years.  It was really nice.  We went to the movies and saw "It's Complicated."  That is such a funny and cute movie.  I can honestly say I've never laughed that loudly in a movie theater before.  The theater was only about half full but it sounded like it was completely full at the funny parts so I wasn't the only one laughing loudly.

Ben and I have had very upset stomachs lately.  At first I thought it was some kind of reaction I was having to the iron I've just been put on, but now that it's bothering Ben and today Shawn, I'm not so sure.

I've decided that it's time to start the alphabet with Ben.  We'll be doing a letter a week.  Some people do each letter in no specific order, but I think we're going to do them in order from A to Z.  I must tell you all that I'm not that creative so I'm using a lot of ideas from another blog from an amazing mom.  No Time For Flash Cards.  You should look forward to all the fun stuff we will be doing, starting with the letter A this week.


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