A nice relaxing weekend.

We had a really nice relaxing time at our house this weekend.  It was nice, because last week I was extremely unmotivated and exhausted.  Maybe it will give me the nice jump start to this week I needed.  Today will be full of errands before work, so no time for a craft with Ben before I work this evening.  I should be going in a little early though so maybe when I come home we'll have time.

Saturday, we laid around, watched Ben's movie - Cars (he's an addict) and played with toys.

Later in the afternoon Shawn's parents came over and we ate chili, rotel cheese dip, and chicken dip.  We watched Cars again.  They hadn't seen it and because Ben loves it, we all watched it together.  After they left, Shawn, Ben and I made chocolate chip cookies together.

The cookies came out super yummy and I got to use my new cookie dough scoop I got for Christmas.

Sunday, we laid around, took a nice nap as a family and got a lot done around the house.  I wish I could take credit for most of it, but I can't.  My husband was a cleaning machine!  He cleaned both of the bathrooms, and swept and mopped the kitchen floor.  I got all caught up on laundry.

It was a really wonderful weekend.  Also, Maya has been enjoying the snow, but because of the cold temperatures we haven't really been letting her spend a lot of time outside.  Here's a picture to leave you all with.  We jokingly call this her cocaine nose.


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